1 Swedish State Televisions vice CEO taken to Court for instigating Child Abuse. Verdict a temporary Compromise Inlägg Dr Jacksons Letter dated April 3rd 2015 to Swedens Supreme Court, Government and State Television to accept Evidence Based Diagnosis on Apathetic Refugee Children This is a Short Inside Story how Swedish State Television created their Fraud about Swedens Apathetic/Resigned children Here is Background to how Dr Jackson a Conservative Politician, called a Nazi by Swedish media, tries to help refugee children from Swedish arrogance Dr Jacksons shocking Lectures about deficient and corrupted Swedish Psychiatry Dr Jackson on good Ethics and moral Values as Sine Qua Non for true Medical Care Charges against Swedish Doctors committing Crimes against Refugee Children Swedish MAL-BP-Syndrome ”Life overtakes me” Beginning of a book relating to Oscar Nominated ”Life Overtakes me” Dr Jacksons MAL-BP Syndrome Children Victims of Malingering by Proxy Swedish Top Journalists Nils Hanson and Gellert Tamas Guilty of Instigating Severe Copycat Epidemic of Coerced Tube Feeding on Refugee Children Dr Jacksons kamp mot Region VästerNorrland för att rädda patienter och medverka till en bättre psykiatri Stockholmian European University – slöhet och kreativitet Gamla startsidor LÄKARDISSIDENTEN SVTs enorma lögn. Inlägg nr 2 i projektet ”Står SVT vid sina ord?”