80% av Swedish People want Dr Jackson to be rewarded Nobels Peace Prize

President Trump gave me inspiration to stand up for what I believe in.



Some years ago some people told me I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for my struggle to get MAL-BP on the map. MAL-BP is something Doctors Associations NEVER want to discuss. This as the most important moment in MAL-BP is that doctors maltreat a child after been given false information about the child from caretakers. Doctors Associations dont want to discuss this. But now it must be discussed especially after the extremely malign variant in Sweden where refugee children are starved to death in open before doctors that refuse to admit MAL-BP exist.

A unique experience I made over the years is that both Jewish people and nationalsocialists tell me that the MAL-BP-situation for refugee children in Sweden MUST be stopped.

This illustrates the complexity of the issue.