Acquitted Michael Jackson used The Same Strategy as Swedish acquitted Serial Killer Thomas Quick


How many children that slept in Michael Jacksons bed together with him were molested by him? Probably few.

Jackson knew he needed a strategy. He expected future allegations would come. Therefore he invited many children to sleep in his bed together with him.

So in hearings 99% would say they were not molested – thereby reducing the credibility of the one percent that were molested.


This assymetric strategy is very effective.

Swedens notorious serial killer Thomas Quick used the same strategy.

Thomas Quick was like Michael Jackson a pedophile that up to his 25th year was convicted for cruel assaults and murder attempts. In his childhood Quick crucified cats, tortured animals and in his late teenage years working as an aid ! in a hospital tried to strangle a 10 year old boy in the intensive care unit for children. After trying to stab a gay person to death at 25 years of age in a dissociated state of rage, the surviving victim told Quick was totality changed in his personality stabbing repeatedly and relentlessly, Quick was convicted for this crime.

After Quicks mother died he went on regular murder tours far away from home. He killed for sure at least a couple of persons, perhaps at least eight.  Behind walls in his psychiatric hospital he began to confess murders all over Scandinavia and was due to his new confessions convicted for these too. Surprisingly Quick voluntarily continued to confess more and more murders. Having a diagnosed sexual-sadistic personality disorder he actually seemed to enjoy the  circus that evolved around him making these confessions.

Then a journalist, that used to be a well known leftish rock musician up to his 40th year, until he began study journalism, told that it was evident Quick lied because he could not have committed this or that murder in Norway as Quick at that time could be proven to have been on other places.

Appeals were made and Quick was freed of murders. Then Quick blamed his so called confessions on his psychotherapist. Quick told he wanted her to be happy and that he noticed that when he confessed murders the psychotherapist showed enormous enthusiasm. In addition Quick was given benzodiazepins to calm him down after the ”stress” the staff thought he suffered from after confessing murders. And Quick liked benzodiazepines. So of course he confessed more murders. And for years Quick was regularly on first pages in Swedish media. He was a gold calf for media.

So, Quick falsely confessed a lot of murders and when he later was acquitted from these evidently wrong convictions Swedish justice system panicked and decided that probably ALL his previous confessions, related to the first murders he evidently committed, also were false although many evidences unanimously spoke in favour of his guilt. So without any new trials Quick was by some odd legal reasons acquitted in a unique common momentarily decision in all Swedish Courts that had been involved in prosecutions against Quick.

Acquitted also from the murders that previously were clearly proven by legal courts he had committed and confessed. Why? Well, when a famous political left wing rock star becomes a journalist of course all the Swedish press, that is regarded the most leftish in the free world, puts on enormous pressure on the legal system.

A judge in Swedish Supreme Court has written a book about this called ”Quickologi”.   This judge is helped by statisticians that are experts on  probabilities and has shown that Quick with significant probabilities is guilty. But today its a psychological impossibility to amend the courts decisions to acquit Quick.

The analogy to Michael Jackson is that Quick hid real murders among hundreds of false murder confessions like Michael Jackson hid some molested boys among hundreds of non molestic boys. And these assymetric strategies are a challenge for all courts. How shall a court act if a terrorist is prosecuted for suspicions of hiding a nuclear bomb in the forests of the State of Oregon if he all of a sudden tells the court he also has hidden two nuclear bombs on Manhattan. Where should the focus of the legal system be?


Back to Jackson. For a psychiatrist he is an interesting case. I dont believe its by coincidence that one of his albums is called BAD. Michael Jackson even sings ”I´m bad”. And, yes, in all his genious creativity, he was, bad. And he admits it. In his own way.


Personality types like Jackson and Quick are more common than we believe and their complex driven personalities without normal ego structures are acted out in certain situations that contain trigger components. If these destructive complexes are acted out in psychological collective high energetic circumstances or in any way get close to collective conscious and unconscious strong emotional energy complexes many things might happen – to anyone.  My deep respect to James Safechuck and Wade Robson for their courage. Their trustworthy stories will help many.

Please remember that if anyone suffers from consequences by deeds of engrained lust driven liers like Michael Jackson or Thomas Quick.  And the liers stories are augmented by the press. Few things will help you. And anyone is at risk. Sometimes the lier is the perpetrator. Sometimes the real lier is he/she who is called a victim in a legal process. The situation is chaotic. Emotions and revenge sweep the truth under the carpet. And its difficult to be believed.

Even for a totally innocent Cardinal in Australia. Is Cardinal Pell innocent? I dont know that case well. But if it is word against word Pell might very well be innocent. In fact my experience from psychiatry in three different countries speakes in favour of Pells innocense.