Anarcho-feminiztic Era on Swedish Public Service must come to an End

Yes, it sure has been hopeless for decades having these journaliztic fools on public service, twisting, lying, zipping wine and beer in Sweden. They have been able to lie and twist just because Swedes have normally been that tolerant och passive. But perhaps not so much more any longer.

Anyway,  the anarcho-feminiztic era on Swedish Public Service might be nearer its collapse than before. 3 years? 5 years?  This week it was disclosed, thanks to Expressen a liberal-conservative newspaper in Sweden, that one of the bosses on Swedish State Television tried to buy sex from someone he wanted to be sure was a”virgin”, this girl was 14 years old and the plan was to guard her so no one would get her before and wait until she became 15 years and then………:

Added to this it was revealed this week by Swedish alt-right media that the Swedish police is that exhausted and loaded with work because of all the murders in Sweden so they dont have time to investigate rapes. Even though the rapes are crystal clear, and one rape victim is 3-years old and another 12 years old plus the perpetrators are known to the victims and to the polices forces. Well, the perpetrators walk free and the police just state ”we dont have time”, not to investigate nor to arrest or keep the criminals in custody:–prioriterar-mord

Well, Donald Trump was and still is very correct and right when he tells ”Look what is happening in Sweden, in Sweden, Sweden of all countries”.

Today law and order is upheld not by the police but by honest Swedes together, which is a pardox, with criminal gangs and enclaves that dont want too much crimes in their area. Dear friends, the old traditional Sweden is gone, sad but true, and it will never ever come back. If it continues like this the population in Sweden will in a near future choose between islam or nationalsocialism as the only alternatives for a return to a reasonable organized society.

BUT, there might be a third alternative: Get immediately rid of all the anarcho-feminiztic mediocre journalizts at Swedish public service! Those lunatics are the source of all evil in Sweden!