Apathetic Resignated Refugee Children in Sweden is a Double Hoax – therefore difficult to understand

First hoax:

Traffickers and adult asylum seekers tell Swedish Health care workers their children dont eat. Consequence:  Feeding by tube is prescribed.


Second Hoax:

When whistleblowing doctors and health staff blew the whistle that adult asylum seekers and traffickers lured the doctors to prescribe tube feeding.  So that adult caretakers then secretly could starve the child in order to make the child resignated. Then the notorious lier Gellert Tamas told in Swedish Television what the editors wanted to hear namely that the whistleblowers were the ones that manipulated facts and made hoaxes. Tamas also told that nobody starved the child. How could Gellert Tamas know this?  Well, he just told that the adult asylumseekers accompanying the child had told him that they did not at all starve the child, they told him namely so when he interwieved them. Believe it or not. But this is what happened. Swedish naivity in all its beauty.



Conclcusion: This is extremely difficult for anyone outside Sweden to understand. Listen now and read this carefully:

In normal countries whistleblowers, when their whistle finally get heard in the media, whistleblowers get support from media.  But in Sweden the opposite happened. Gellert Tamas and public service shot the whistleblowers and lied that the real whistleblowers  like Dr Jackson, Dr Erikson and others that told the truth manipulated the truth.  So.  Gellert Tamas became the big hero for shooting they who Tamas himself portrayed as false whistleblowers and got public support because nobody, least of all the female directors in public service in Sweden, could imagine that adults could use their children as torpedos to get asylum.  And in the public nobody could believe that Swedish public service would shoot true whistleblowers.

Did Tamas have a financial interest? He became a millionaire thanks to his lies. He knew exactly what the hand that fed him wanted to hear. This ought to be investigated because in Swedish minds no one could not even be imagined to lie like Tamas does – that is fairly unheard of in Swedish mentality. Tamas is an immigrant from Hungary that arrived in Sweden at 6 years of age. His parents are told to have been belonging to the nazi ArrowCross movement during WW2 and fled Hungary because of fear of revenge from communists in the sixties. One have to ask if this background can explain why Tamas in Sweden became a communist and pro immigration activist.