April 11th 2023: Corona Death Ratio correlated to population density shows Sweden might be worst in Europe and USA might be worst in the world.

Please: Nota Bene! There are many factors that are not correlated to e.g. if 90% of populations live in big condensed cities lika in USA and Brazil. This is just an experiment with figures and I do believe it shows some tendencies. E.g. Sweden with very liberal rules is worst in Europe correlated to population density. Please send me information to my twitteraccount @ebmpsykiatri if you find any European country worse than Sweden correlated in any way to the concept of population density.

Undeniable is that statistics compared 25th of May 2021 and 11th of April 2023 i.e. two years later are consistent and shows Sweden in top, Italy second etc. Surely fluctuations correlated to lockdowns and vaccination can be found for researchers investigating the statistics month for month.

Sweden:   Corona deaths   23912. Population density 23/squarekilometer.     Ratio:  1040

(samma placering som 25 maj 2021)

Italy:          Corona deaths  189262.   Population density 201/sq.km.                Ratio: 941

(samma placering som 25 maj 2021)

United Kingdom:  Corona deaths 209396.  Population density 267/sq.km       Ratio: 784

(samma placering som 25 maj 2021)

Germany   Corona deaths   171411  Population density   230/sq.km                Ratio: 745

(samma placering som 25 maj 2021)

Finland     Corona deaths 9097        Population density   16/sq.km                     Ratio: 568

(sämre placering än 25 maj 2021 men klart bättre än Sverige)

Hungary:  Corona deaths   48811. Population density 106/squarekilometer.   Ration: 460

(samma placering som 25 maj 2021)

Norway    Corona deaths 5213         Population density   14/sq.km                    Ratio: 372

(sämre placering än 25 maj 2021 men klart bättre än Sverige)

(Brazil     Corona deaths 450206, May 25th 2021   excluded because of Amazonas)

Bosnien-Herzegovina:   Corona deaths  16325.  Population density 69/sq.km.  Ratio: 237

Beligium    Corona deaths 34115   Population density   369/sq.km.                   Ratio:  92

Denmark   Corona deaths 8420     Population densitty   135/sq.km                    Ratio: 62

Tillägg: USA deaths 1157022, population density 33/sq.km Ratio: 35470 !!!

Tillägg: China deaths 5272 (statistik ?), population density 145/sq.km Ratio: 36 !!!

Tillägg: Indien deaths 531000, population 420/sq.km Ratio: 1264

Brazil: 700556 deaths, population density 25/sq.km Ratio: 28020