Background: Why Fake News in Sweden created a Medical Hoax – and probably an utmost sad Tragedy

From today 19/03/2019 I will publish daily notes about a combined medical and media scandal in Sweden.

Notes will be revised and improved on a daily basis. So please be aware that the note might seem to be half done.  This post will be made slowly and amended successively and final version in probably one year or so might turn into a published book.

In short: This is the background to why Sweden has the largest copycat epidemic ever of lifeless aylum seeking children and why I and others that raised concerns were in a typical western liberal FAKE NEWS tradition labelled right wing extremist. This labelling was made in a classical anti-whistle blowing maneuver by Swedish FAKE NEWS journalists.

I guess there will be hundred of notes. If any documentary author or film maker wants to write a book or make a film about Swedens resignated children you are welcome to contact myself on















To the left: Matilda Jansson. Journalist Swedish State Radion that tells in public broadcasting that Dr Jackson is a right wing extremist and tells to the public that she wonders if Dr Jackson ever has met a patient. This after Dr Jackson has worked intensively and faultlessly for 40 years in Sweden, Norway and UK. This politically correct journalist works at Swedish State Radio in Sundsvall Telephone *467840000




To the left: Dr. Henry Ascher, a well known antisemit, baldheaded center of picture, standing close to a Hizbollah fighter,points his finger to the sky, that told he had discovered a ”deportation illness”. He might have done this because he thought it was the best for the family. Perhaps he never understood the hell the children were in. But who knows, he is a well known bolshevik so might have used his cold heart that told the group is more important than the individual.  He is member of the Swedish Communistic Party that on Marxiztic-Leninistic grounds strives for total change of our present Swedish society, like the red khmers in Cambodia. Thats why Swedish red journalists believed him.




I have written two books about this tragedy- Swedens apathetic children. These children are well known over the world e.g. The News Yorker has published an article likewise BBC

My two books about the epidemic of thousends of tubefed children aged 6-18 years titled ”Veritophobia” (Fear of Truth)   and ”Copycatbarnen” (Copycat Kids) were banned by Swedish media. I was not even allowed to advertise them in Swedish media. Why? Well, Swedish journalists told that I should not blame adult asylum seekers because they were already in ”such a difficult situation”.

I then told ”What about the children – they are evidently starved because Swedish Health Care policy is to let the asylum seekers family tube feed the child and adults evidently restrict the calorie intake to make the children weak with a purpose to gain asylum as Swedish asylum law tell that a very ill child ”should be granted asylum have asylum”.

When I told this, which probably is the truth, hell broke loose because in this statement of mine were ingrained severe allegations against:

  1. some left wing pediatricians wild theories that they had discovered a ”deportation illness”
  2. and also strong criticism of Swedish journalism that adored these left wing pediatricians to the core i.e. that Swedish media risk creating copycats when they publish articles abvout these children because ”many might then harm their children in order to get asylum”.

99,9% of Swedish doctors kept quiet, or rather, the few doctors that in addition to myself raised concern were neglected by the press. These troubled doctors did not have the slightest chance to walk on the red carpet to public space that the Swedish State Television offered to well known communistic pediatricians. These communists were interviewed week after week together with crying asylum seeking families that just loved these communistic pediatric activists. These colleagues did not attack myself, they not even mentioned my name or any other whistleblowing doctors name. They were month after month, and year after year interviewed by State Public Services when they stated the evident fact that the asylum seeking families were in terrible conditions, one worse than the other, with children that are fed by tube, wearing diapers, mutistic, paralyzed and in bed for months and years. These red pediatricians knew that their friends- the red and amateurish State journalists would silence the whistlblowers.

And every doctor that raised concern that this is nothing else than severe child abuse, based on lies from traffickers and adults that often not even is the parent to the victim, were automatically labelled xenophobic. And if you got this brand – in Sweden you dont get any public space. Journalists and doctors outside Sweden just could not believe that something like this could go on in a western democracy which made it impossible to get international publicity about the concerns that were raised. However, after ten years I finally was succesful in getting this article published: