”By God I´m a psychiatrist” Dr Jacksons last post 15th of September 2017 on www.jajj.se

I have always been a conservative, a classical christian conservative that loves good traditions, law and order, to travel, European culture and most of all my fellow human beings of all races and nationalities. Especially weak and vulnerable people. The least lucky so to say.

And I am a psychiatrist.

So. My profession is psychiatry which is extremely difficult to combine with being a political public person especially one that writes on social media. The only reason I have started to write like I do is my solidarity and love for the refugee children that are victims of malingering by proxy in Sweden which is severe child abuse. A child abuse that mediocre Swedish public service made fake news about and swept serious allegations of abuse under the carpet and therefore started one of our histories largest and most cruel copycat epidemic where over thousend of children have been seriously abused.

I have many times tried to stop writing on my Facebook, this website and twitter because it interferred with my profession. But life has motivated me to start again. We will se how it works out this time.   The background to why I specifically today end my up to now active social media is:

The terror attack in London today 15th of September 2017:


I reflected some minuts what to do. I am a proud member of the Conservative Party in Great Britain and of the conservative party Höyre in Norway. I have never had any extreme views in any sense, I have just had traditional conservative views – if anyone lies and then labels classical conservative views for extreme I cant take any responsibility for that.

I have now decided that today I make this last post on www.jajj.se , I will tweet about it on Twitter and I will post it on my Facebook and thats it.


1.My present homepage, i.e. this website   www.jajj.se will stay alive but has published its last post.

2. My present twitter account @ebmpsykiatri will make its last post today referring to this last post on Jajj.se

3. My present Facebook account will rest for at least one year until 15th of September 2018.

After five years on the net, since my start 2012, I believe I have spent time on the net trying to disclose public services shortcomings in Sweden corresponding to around 1 year of full time work. And, if I may say so, it actually resulted in some progress. Most important result of my work is, I believe, my article ”Only in Sweden? But why?” published in www.bioedge.org 24th of July this year: https://www.bioedge.org/indepth/view/only-in-sweden-but-why/12361/

I might though start other websites, twitter accounts and Facebook accounts in my name or together with others. But I really need to distance myself from what I have so far done on the net. The situation has been honestly totally hopeless for whistleblowers to raise concern re. public services fake news re. Swedens apathetic refugee problems because what ever you do, how much you ever provoke public services and Swedish main stream media they dont admit any wrongdoings.   They sacrifice the lives of innocent refugee children becuase it suits their corrupted altar of feminizm and cultural marxizm.  I feel I need a new start.

During this coming year I will observe how conservative parties all over Europe deals with the islamic threats and islamic terror attacks and what measures we/they take. If I find these measures insufficient I will bring it up with my conservative friends and if I then in turn find my struggles in vain I might after 15th of September 2018 leave these conservative parties and join parties that more objectively and distinct discuss the problems of islamic terror and islamic attacks in Europe.