Children Victims of Malingering by Proxy

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Children used as Human Shields against Decisions of Deportation

Below you find two articles it takes about 10 minuts to read. Please read and react!   Ask your local or national newspaper to write about this unbelievable catastrophe going on in Sweden open to the public.

In short: Swedish media dont understand the difference between malingering (i.e. to simulate illnesses) that is helping the ego, and malingering by-proxy (i.e. to force or coerce someone to simulate illnesses) assaults by adults against an innocent child, an assault that depending on its intensity destroy and deplete the ego less or more and makes the child very ill and handicapped.  Swedish media are since 10 years discussing whether thousends of refugee children are malingering or not.  Swedish medias way of formulating the complex issue has led to a misconception that has confused the debate in Sweden. If Swedish journalists begin to use  the correct term, MabP – Malingering by Proxy, which is a severe assault, then the first step is taken to bring clarity to this tragedy. This  as MabP  also explains the frightening fact recently published that the refugee children have extremely increased stress hormones in their blood when under hospital and ambulant care. This is easy to understand realising the child might be  ten years old, doesn´t know the language, is never left alone from the adult asylum-seekers  that watch every move the child makes under threat or persuasion. The child has absolutely no clue what the future might bring which must be absolutely terrifying.

A truly sad fate, a true nightmare for the children, in reality much much worse. And absolutely all Swedish journalists, except a wellknown journalist which I wont mention here as that might cause problemes for her, refuse to report about these severe assaults because Swedish journalists trust more a colleague of their own named Gellert Tamas instead of a State Commission.    No child on this planet is as left behind and left alone as an apathetic child in Sweden. This  in spite of the hysterical attention from media the staged situation has caused. Swedish journalists have totally misconceived the situation and tell that the parents/adults are totally innocent. Why?  Well, again, because this man, one of their colleagues, Gellert Tamas has told so in Swedens most prestigious TV-programme where Tamas for a full hour without objections could promote his wild theories of a right wing extremist anti-multicultural network behind the conclusion of the State Commission. A conclusion that indicated that the children are under assault from adults. But all Swedish journalists supported Tamas “heroic scrutinizing scoop”. Tamas was even rewarded the Ikaros-prize from Swedish Public Service Journalistic Association for exceptional journalistic work. There is only one hang-up.  Tamas, a journalist without any journalistic education and if possinle even less medical education, he is selfmade, had no intellectual capacity to understand the basic problem; i.e. Swedish doctors have absolutely no education or experience of MabP-assaults. The diagnosis is not familiar for Swedish doctors, especially not for pediatricians. So, because of one single journalist, I repeat, because of one single journalist, that for many years had total support from almost every other journalist in Sweden, the catastrophe, that easily could have ended after the State Commission came to their conclusion , continued. So, many children of asylum seeking families continue to be under assaults by their parents/adults, under forced investigation by doctors, and neglected by journalists that regard it as xenophobic to mention that adults are behind the assaults.  Many more children in the future risk to be victims of the Swedish system. Swedish doctors often dont even understand the reality behind what is happening on the surface.  Please compare this with a similar case of MabP-syndrome in UK where it took years for the doctors to establish the MabP- diagnosis: link

Swedish law also is a problem as the law is contructed in a way that might make it extremely costly for a pediatrician to react and report the abuse as he risks being reported himself by the perpetrators to the Swedish GMC.  This as it is well known that Malingering by Proxy assaults can be prosecuted reasonable successfully only if the accused person/persons confess their crime. This is not the case in Sweden where all!! suspected persons are asylum-seekers that know that it is necessary to play the game and lie about circumstances to recieve asylum.  The asylumseeking families choose their toughest representatives to stand up for them and needless to say they have no interest to confess any wrongdoings or guilt for their childrens mutistic immobile state.

So, in other words, even the Swedish press and media have deserted the child and advocate just the side ot the perpetrators i.e. the adult asylumseekers that know that if the child is regarded ill enough they all will receive asylum in Sweden and thereby the whole of Europe. Again, Swedish media has because of the efforts of just one of their colleagues, Gellert Tamas, without reasonable grounds told the Swedish public that the adults are totally innocent – the child has in other words absolutely nowhere to turn to. This creates anxiety, depression, panic reactions, dissociative hysterical states and, as we now know, extremely high levels of stress hormones in the childrens blood according to scientific research published spring of 2012. The epidemic of apathetic children in Sweden has now taken the proportion that the hoax and the severe abuse of the children is a scandal too big to disclose.  It has turned into something for Sweden like the Euro crisis for Europe. No one knows how to act. Many journalists and doctors seem though now to realise that the Governmental Commission that year 2006  warned for MabP was right. It was though neglected, ridiculed and disregarded by a handfull of doctors that got all media space because they advocated the same view as the journalist Gellert Tamas. Swedish Main Stream media neglected also the State Commission  because to them, because of lack of knowledge of course,  the Commission seemed xenophobic.    Nevertheless, we have no choice. For the sake of the children the scandal in some way or another has to be disclosed, freeing and unchaining the children from their destiny beeing behind psychological and physical restraints giving them more or less traumas for life. There exists even  information that some apathetic children have died of the abuse.

Article 1.

The scandal regarding so called apathetic asylum seeking children in Sweden gets bigger and bigger for each year. The “mysterious” epidemic that started around 2001 has been a hot topic of discussions since then.  And even though it seems to be a crystal clear epidemic of “Hoax and Severe Child Abuse” as British Medical Journal put the words in an article 1 December 2008 the epidemic just goes on and on.

There seems to be two reasons to this:

1. Swedish doctors never use the concept of malingering. If the parents tell that the child is very ill doctors always believe in this and must act according to this. And as Swedish law almost always grant the parents to a very ill child asylum many asylum seekers in Sweden seem to use one of their children to fall into something the Swedish press calls “apathy”. The children just lie down in their beds, are as passive as possible, dont answer questions, they deny eating so they are tubefed. This goes sometimes on for years. The children are as a rule never younger than 8 years, though one case of a 6 -year old girl is reported. Some children the critics try to tell are bought on human markets in the far east just for the purpose of coerced illness falsification.  Swedish press though have united very strongly, both right-wing press (but not the right radical press) and left-wing so that no one of the critics are allowed to raise their concerns regarding the children in the media as this is believed to worsen the situation for the families. The only media that has opposed are, perhaps not so surprisingly, the political right wing radical press. If they care about the children or oppose against the assaults only because they are against immigration is up to them to declare. I have no opinion regarding this, I am just thankful that at least some media write and publish information and news about the tragedy.

Publishing  in a right wing radical news magazine has though made it all the more controversial to raise concerns regarding the fate of the children. This as it is regarded as very politically incorrect to share an opinion with a right wing radical newspaper like e.g. Nationell Idag. This the Swedish public is told from Swedish main stream media which is well known for its socialistic and extremely liberal professionals.  Citizens who confess themselves as true conservatives,  catholics, or  anti-immigration are often labeled xenophobic or even labelled by the nowadays in Sweden severely deflated term nazi. So it all has turned into a vicious circle; people raising concerns are often labeled as xenophobics by at least one or two of MSM (main-stream-media) and that seems enough to silence them.  And if they anyway try to write about the issue in MSM – they will not be published. And if they then turn to the only media that accept to discuss the issue thoroughly, i.e. the right radical press, the doctors or psychologists that try  to publsih in this kind of media are quickly labelled right wing “extremists” by MSM. And in worst of cases they are even labelled nazis. This as Swedish journalists dont realise that they have misconceived the term MabP and mixes this with the term malingering.  I.e. Swedish journalists hold the belief that if any person believes the parents or asylum seeking adults are behind the assaults the person mentions it just because he hates immigrants.   So, the vicious circle is constructed as if you care about the children enough to have the courage to oppose to the assaults, then Swedish MSM believe your are against immigrants and MSM depict you as an evil person. So very few dare to stand up for these vulnerable children which of course leads to more and more asylum seekers using this terrible strategy to starve their children through tube feeding them in cooperation with, may we dare to admit,  Swedish pediatricians. The parents, not the doctors, are in control of the amount of nutrition they are given through tube, this as the children are treated at asylum seekers homes.  But when the children gets unwell enough by their parents abuse they are taken to hospital for medical treatment. The child is at that stage so severely tortured and dissociated by fear and anxiety so it often just lies silent, and looses its bladder and faecal control. Some asylum seeking adults force their children to sit in their urine and excrements to show the doctors how ill the child is.  The child knows of course not where to turn. It does not know the language and it is totally under the control of adults that abuse it and the child has since long lost its confidence in staff in white clothes that cooperate with adults to abuse the child. The childs situation is pure bottomless hopelessness.  When asylum is given the children disappears. Karolinska Institute, the well known Nobel Prize Institute which, sad to say, is part of the horrible assaults on the children, as this institutes representatives are the ones that say the pediatricians have discovered a new type of epidemic, tried  anno 2008 to find out where the children were located after asylum was given. But they could not get into contact with one single child, they found some families but the adults told the researchers their children did not want to see any doctors.

Now after 7 years of misunderstandings it is very difficult to change the media cultural attitude in this unique issue.

There are rumours that some children have died under hospital treatment where the parents have been in a position to decide about what treatment they want for their child. If the child is not unwell enough they try to make the child  more ill.   Doctors that have opposed to take part in this cruel theatre have been beaten up, threatened or in other ways assaulted by the adults in company with the child. Sometimes the adults are not even parents but unknown to the child.

To illustrate how deeply rootened the idea is that the children have a newly discovered disorder one can just have a look at the Swedish State Church and its newspaper  5th of April 2012 published this article:  . Even if one does not know Swedish you can have a look at the pictures related to a child that is loosing kilogram after kilogram in her bed. The parents tell that they have to wait until she gets unwell or ill enough so they can have asylum.

Some Swedish doctors regard it as a mass psychosis but the few doctors that have stood up to reveal the child abuse have quickly been labeled xenophobic or nazi so today no one dares to stand up for the children.  Now it all might go to the court as some doctors are thinking about reporting one responsible pediatrician to the police for child abuse as it has now been clearly reported by a scientific investigation that the apathetic children has extremely high levels of stress hormones in their blood when under treatment by Swedish health care teams. After asylum is given the hormones level slowly  return to normal. Doctors say that all this clearly show that the Governmental Commission year of 2006  that looked into the issue some years ago was right. The Commission was though a victim for severe criticism from the media for blaming the adult asylum seekers. And as this was regarded as unfair  the conclusion of the commission that the parents of the children or other adults caused the childrens severe distress was left without any attention. The state commission was regarded as xenophobic and right wing extremist in its character.  So MSM, including some, though only 4-5  doctors, that were the favorites of journalists, denied the State commssion to be of any relevance.  So absolutely nothing happened, no steps were taken to protect the children from their abusers. It is remarkable that since the epidemics early beginnings, i.e. anno 2001, every time MSM have interviewed doctors, every time they have interviewed the same 3-4 pediatricians and child psychiatrists  over and over again, whereof two i.e. Dr. Ascher and Dr. Bodegård have been interviewed 90% of the occassions media wanted to hear doctors opinion. And these doctors consistently repeat their opinion that the children are suffering from PTSD. Probably because Swedish pediatricians have very little experience from PTSD.   So,  doctors having other opinions e.g. Dr. Hans Bendz, Dr. Tomas Ericson and Dr. Thomas Jackson have been denied access to the public media room. Since the year 2006 the epidemic has been on-going and still today, September 2012, no one knows what to do. The fact that 8 apathetic children came to Norway around year 2005 and all got totally well after two weeks as the Norwegian Health Authorities separated the children from the parents is taken no notice of by the Swedish doctors that believe it is best for the family is to stay together.


Foreword: The article below is dynamite. This because after two years trying to persuade MSM-media in Sweden one of the Swedish doctors namely Dr. Jackson invited all media interested in the concept of Malingering by Proxy to a conference. Only one Newspaper arrived to the conference was interested and accepted the invitation, i.e. Nationell Idag that by MSM in Sweden is regarded likewise a B.N.P. paper in U.K would be regarded.   Dr. Jackson gave a lecture at the conference that had an audience of around 20 persons. And this newspaper Nationell Idag wrote an article that MSM did of course not approve of and therefore unanimously decided that now it is clearly shown that right wing supporters are behind the theories of Malingering by Proxy.    The article is written by journalist Sanna Hill at Nationell Idag.

Article 2.