Christian Psychotherapeutic Forum – Love for Truth and Scientia

To Scandinavian and international readers

Let us start Christian Psychotherapeutic Forum with slogan – LOVE FOR TRUTH AND SCIENTIA

Everyone who has followed myself closely over the years since 2005 know how hard I have struggled to bring the scientific thruth about the tragedy of perhaps 10.000 vulnerable and innocent refugee children to public attention. Today my struggle has been succesful, my enemies are silent.

The refugee children in Sweden dubbed ”The Apathetic Children” is an amazing illustration of what happens in a society when it loses its love and respect for the truth. In short. These children were used as torpedos to give their families asylum in Sweden or used as human shields to prevent repatriation.    It might be one of the biggest medical and ethical scandals in history. And it happened and to some degree still happens ”Only in Sweden”*.

Over the years working as a psychiatrist I have seen the most scandalous treatments of patients by psychiatrists that dont know the difference between different kinds of psychosis, by nurses employed as bosses that dont understand elementary medication, by psychiatric teams that care more about themselves than the patients etc etc.  And then a newsmedia that again and again show in their reporting  that they dont understand what the problems in psychiatric health care really are about. I know the truth why there is chaos in psychiatric health care.

In short the truth is: The psychiatrists and psychologists have a too mediocre education and they are intensively protected by their colleagues in their professional bodies that also have this mediocre education. And when a psychiatrist with mediocre knowledge is employed as boss or C.E.O the catastrophe for many patients is a fact.

I believe we really need a reawakening how important the sentence in John 8:32 is, namely ”The Truth Will set You Free”.

I know of just one ideology that loves the truth more than anything else and that is a sound christian ideology. Why? Well because it is altruistic and make no difference between people as Judaism and Islam do when they circumcise their children to show the world that themselves are more chosen than others. Sound christianity dont judge people according to their political beliefs, which is the opposite to what politically devoted people nowadays often do.  Sound christianity is objective and fair to everyone and, which is very important, carries within it a moral language to condemn people that lie in science and try to turn science into a business. And I am convinced that if Sweden had had enough christians this terrible humanitarian catastrophe called the apathetic children would never have occured.

Therefore I name this organisation Christian Psychotherapeuthic Forum to emphasize that as christians we have a moral obligation to stand up for the truth. Hopefully this organisation is the beginning of a Christian Research Institute or an international organisation of Christian Universities that will prioritize Truth before Gold.

If you are interested to be a part of these coming organisations please let us know and call 004798189351 or send an email to or write to Dr Jackson, postboks 148, 2241 Magnor, NORWAY.


Sincerely yours

Dr. Thomas Jackson MD, PhD                                                                                                                 Director European College of Psychiatry LTD (est. 2007 but for the moment a dormant company)