Crime Report to Hollywood Police Station related to Oscar Nominated ”Life Overtakes Me” Refugee Children in Sweden

Last week I called Los Angeles Police Department in order to report an Oscar nominated documentary titled ”Life Overtakes Me” that risk to promote severe child abuse in the US and among refugees, especially among extra vulnerable children.

They recommended me to contact Hollywood Police Station and so I did.

Here is a copy of a letter of my report



”An Oscar nominated documentary might risk the health of American children. This information relates to the Oscar Nomination procedures this year 2020 of a short documentary film called

”Life overtakes me”about unconscious apathetic refugee children in Sweden.

This epidemic was in September 2019 disclosed by Swedish media as a hoax where children suffer severely. Traffickers tell Swedish doctors their children dont eat and cant talk. Swedish Health care then prescribe tube feeding and some children have been starved close to death and some reports exist that children have died. There are probably components of mass hysteria in this epidemic.

It is very unlucky if the ”documentary” film by Haptas and Samuelson is presented without any criticism. If you want further information I suggest you contact the respected journal ”Magasinet Filter” in Sweden. Here is their website and contact details can be found there:

My name is Thomas Jackson, I am a Swedish MD and psychiatrist that worked in England some years where I learned about Induced Illness in children.
You find my contact details on my private website:

My phone number is 004798189351 (in Norway)

I have many years tried to raise concern in Sweden but been neglected by Swedish media because my message that some few immigrants use their kids as human shields to gain asylum was not politically correct. Now more and more journalists write about this severe child abuse. British Medical Journal published an article about it already 2008 but this was not discussed in Sweden   ”