Dear International Readers – we start up again due to Corona Pandemic Illustrates Failed State of Sweden

Swedestan – former Kingdom of Sweden

Dear Readers,

on Monday 18th of May i.e. tomorrow we start up publishing in English again. The reasons are Swedestans dealings with the pandemic. We see awful atrocities against mankind in Swedestan due to a government lost in islamizm and globalizm. The common expression ”herd immunity” discloses the neo-marxiztic spirit of late social democracy.

Sweden disappeared as a democratic country and turned into Swedestan around 2005 when it accepted torture on individual refugee children to grant herd asylum to criminals. Please read this:

First Swedestan tortures and kills apathetic refugee children – then Swedestan let their elderly die without any medical treatment, undiagnosed and left alone in their cells that are locked from outside at care homes.