Dr Jackson discovered ego-depletion as terminal state among resignated children before Karolinska Institute had even begun to grasp the complexity

Karolinska Institutes, i.e. the Nobel Prize Institute, brightest minds tried for years to understand what was happening to the apathetic and resignated refugee children in Sweden.

But they never understood what was actually going on i.e. the resignated children were in an extremely stressful MAL-BP situation that lasted for weeks, months and for years. This MAL-BP situation the State Investigation SOU 2006:49 discussed as a plausible cause but Karolinska Institute ridiculed this report and told it was unscientific.

For Dr Jackson with his brilliant knowledge of psychiatry and depth psychology it was clear that the resignation the children  suffered from was the terminal state of long term maltreatment/malpractise from doctors and health staff that have been lured by traffickers.

In this link, see below in Swedish, Dr Jacksons explains already year  2012 that for a child to be in a MAL-BP situation (Swedish ”tvångssimulering”) for a long time depletes the ego-functions of the child. And this is what we have seen among resignated asylum children in Sweden, in the text Swedish words are exactly:

”Men det som de apatiska flyktingbarnen drabbas av är tvångssimulering som är ”jag-utplånande”. De tränger undan normala behov som att tala, röra sig, äta och dras in i en situation där de upplever en press från familjen till ett speciellt beteende som på sikt gör dem sjuka. Allt sjukare ju längre tid de upplever pressen från de vuxna och ju grövre behandlingsåtgärderna blir till exempel sondmatning som går på djupet i personligheten. SVT har mörklagt dessa relevanta aspekter, de har bara talat om simulering i vardaglig betydelse.”

Translated to English:

”But what the apathetic refugee children are affected by is malingering by proxy that is ego obliterating. They displace normal needs like talking, moving, eating and are caught in a situation where they experience pressure from the family to conform to a behaviour that eventually makes them ill.  The gravity of their illness increases the longer time they experience the pressure from adults, and the longer and more advanced the medical investigations are and last, and prescribed treatment e.g. tube feeding last, the deeper are their destructive influence on childrens personality structures. Swedish State Television has sweept these relevant aspects under the carpet as State Television has only discussed malingering in vernacular language.”