Dr. Jackson leaves the debate re. Swedens apathetic Refugee Children next week

The unexpected publishing of an article in The New Yorker about Swedens apathetic children triggered some activities from my side that I never had planned.  The article meant that I just had to comment on blogs, Twitter and Facebook and writing emails about it. Otherwise it would have looked very odd I believe. Namely, how come that Dr. Jackson writes a lot when the debate is just in Sweden but leaves the stage when it goes abroad?   I just could not stay totally passive even if I wanted to. I hope you understand.

So I sent twitters to the writer + The New Yorker and many others. I wrote about it on my Facebook page, I wrote on this blog and I sent some emails about it.

I must admit that I am very tired of being a whistleblower trying to get attention.

So. Now when the issue about Swedens apathetic refugee children goes international I have made some effort for some days to stop the article in The New Yorker and tell on internet that the article is seriously misleading and risk creating more copycats and suffering for the children not only in Sweden but anywhere.

But.  I also have to realise that I have now done my fair share of  whistleblowing in this issue and I will withdraw after next week.

Next week I will give an interview in English about this tragedy, this is already decided and who knows perhaps the Norwegian radical nationalistic website Frihetskamp.net will publish a letter I wrote to a Norwegian journalist. I have written to hundreds of journalists in Sweden and Norway over the years but they have not been interested to give me public space. So if the Norwegian nationalistic website publish it, its definately better than if nobody publish it.

And thats it. After next week I will say no to all kind of interviews. I have to survive and over ten years of whistleblowing drains you of energy and influence your professional work, relations to your employer and in short everyone you know. I have though survived and I am greatful to God and Jesus Christ for giving me strength to endure for such a long period against satanic mediapowers in Sweden.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Thomas Jackson whistleblower re. the epidemic of unconsious refugee children in Sweden year 2002-2017 and my opinion is that this epidemic is caused by serious so callad MAL-BP (malingering by proxy) assaults on these extra vulnerable kids.

But journalists in Swedish main-stream-media together with some Swedish pediatricians ruled over all public space in media and fooled the Swedish population, politicians, health staff, and others that it was an illness casued by something else than adults close to the children. Main stream journalists made the issue worse by labelling doctors like myself that tried to whistleblow xenophobic, incompetent and nazi. Although I am just a classic christian conservative – and nothing else.