Dr. Jackson makes a pause – Dr. Jackson gör en paus

Dr. Jackson from tomorrow probably makes a pause from all his websites for unknown time. Probably around a year or so.

In case anyone wonders why the answer is that I want to focus on other things. Such as writing and reading books, getting in good physical shape, learn to fish and hunt (animals suitable as food), run the Marathon, enjoy family life, study traditional catholicism, learn Polish, play the piano and guitar, improve my English and German. 🙂     Hope to see you all again. If the good Lord, my saviour Jesus Christ, has any other plans for me I hope to see you all in heaven. But as I am a healthy person 63 yers old I plan to correspond to you again in a year or so.


I write this in English as it seems the majority of my readers come from abroad, i.e. outside Sweden.

I have today these websites:


This cynical website where I am ”hunting journalists”.      Text: Mainly Swedish – some English.


www.drjacksonsbarnefond.com      Child Protection Charity related to so called medical by-proxy assaults on children.

Text:  Mainly Scandinavian (Norwegian and Swedish).


www.mabpsyndrom.com                  Information about a specific kind of medical child abuse where doctors are lured into a situation where doctors unwillingly become perpetrators. I am as far as I know the only doctor writing about this specific aspect. But there might of course be others. Though, the very few doctors that are interested in mabpsyndrom or MAL-BP often dont focus on the horrible role doctors are lured into. Some doctors suffer severely in silence as they have difficulties disclosing to friends, families, colleagues and the public that they might have made terrible and devastating deadly errors in their diagnostic work related to their patients. Especially frightening is this when it relates to pediatricians.                                  Text:   Mainly Scaninavian.

www.simuleringsdiagnostikk.wordpress.com   Education and lectures in the noble art of diagnostic work related to malingering.                                   Text: in Norwegian.

www.apatiskabarn.se               My first website started 2012 after Swedish media depicted myself as a xenophobic racist and not only that but also as a right wing extremist and nazi because I tried to explain to Swedish journalists and doctors that they all were fooled by adult immigrants that on purpose made their children ill just to gain asylum. This was interpreted by Swedish media as racist ungrounded theories. I was expelled from main-stream-media. The only ones that wanted to be friends with me were Swedish nationalists. When I then used their help to get this severe child abuse out to the public Swedish main-stream-media became even more frantic. Now there was no doubt – Dr. Jackson was in fact a nazi.   The whole issue clearly shows how a once civilised society as the Swedish by low quality media slowly turns into a cruel banana-republic.           Text: Mainly Swedish, some English.

www.tvarfor.se                                                            Text:  Swedish

www.ebmpsykiatri.se                                                 Text:  Swedish