Dr Thomas Gustaf Adolf Jackson is my full name which I abbreviate Thomas GA Jackson

My full name is Thomas Gustaf Adolf  Jackson. Shortened Thomas GA Jackson.

I have been responsible for this homepage www.jajj.se   since the start. As my name is increasingly quoted both nationally and internationally related to my research and writings about Malingering by Proxy, abbreviated MAL-BP in USA and in Great Britain termed ”Induced or fabricated Illness”, I have chosen to use my full name with my middle names initials in capital letters. I used to call myself just Thomas Jackson. But from now Thomas GA Jackson is my public name.

If you like to contact me my address is:

Dr Thomas GA Jackson, Postboks 148, 2241 NORWAY.

Email is:   thomas.a.jackson@hotmail.com

Mobile phone in Norway:   004798189351

Mobile phone in Sweden:   0046705093176

After corona pandemic is over I welcome invitations to give speeches and lectures about the tragic phenomenon of MAL-BP and why we had such a longlasting epidemic of this medical assault on refugee children in Sweden.