Each Middle and Western European Country must be divided in two and one half go to Africa

The population in Europe is roughly divided in two categories, one conservative half that is against immigration and one libero-anarchistic half that is pro immigration.  These two halfes are now in fact destroying and will inreasingly destroy the lifes for each other.

Today we have excellent transportation, airplanes, ships etc with huge capacities.  The libero-anarchistic half that so evidently is against the traditional Europe must now realise they cant live with us conservatives and therefore they must move voluntarily or by force be removed to northern Africa. Or southern Africa.  In a process taking perhaps 30-40 years. I have many friends that really want to live and work in Africa which in the long run might be better off than Europe.

I am sure they will be welcomed and build the kind of civilisation they prefer and not destroying the diverse and unique civilisations we have in Europe by building up an enormous clash of civilisations. In other words Huntington* was right and its time for us to realise this and make the best of it. In a truly, sincere, friendly and humanistic agreement realising ”we just cant live together”. I am sure this action will be a blessing to the world. We MUST today realise that this might be the only civilised way to go.

Eastern countries in Europe like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary should be excepted from these actions as their populations have decided to keep the ”European Way”.

*Huntingtons book Clash of Civilisations.