English Translation: Swedish Public Service – SVT – threatens Dr Jackson with 6 years in prison if he does not stop telling SVT made FAKE NEWS

Below you find the English translation. And further below you find the original document i.e the email from Swedish so called public service abbreviated SVT when they threaten Dr Jackson with 6 years in prison.

SVT:s email says that if Dr Jackson doesn´t stop writing emails to SVT that inform SVT that they have totally misunderstood the situation for so called apathetic refugee children in Sweden Dr Jackson risks imprisonment.

Dr Jackson had namely again and again told SVT so many times that SVT felt offended that their reports related to the tragedy, discussed in BBC:s programme ”Swedens Mystery Illness”  https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-41748485                                                                                     and The New Yorker ”The Trauma of Facing Deportation” https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/04/03/the-trauma-of-facing-deportation are totally misleading and sweeps under the carpet that General Medical Council in England, British Medical Association, and world leading experts in by proxy child abuse, related to children as patients in health services, like professor Marc Feldman USA, professor Bryan Lask United Kingdom, Judith Libow PhD USA and ethical committees all have raised concern that the children might be victims of induced illness in a MAL-BP situation.

Neither BBC nor The New Yorker are aware of these circumstances.

Taking this email into consideration I suppose that international publics that try to understand the enigmatic epidemic in Sweden will find this email helpful. Everyone that tried to raise concern about induced illness in the refugee children was attacked in one way or another by pro-immigration activists among doctors and Swedens top journalists.  Whistleblowers that tried to warn that traffickers and adult asylum seekers used vulnerable children as human shields against repatriation or torpedos to gain asylum were all ridiculed and attacked by the women that run Swedish State Television.  A school book example of collective hysteria I would say.

A hysteria that slowly seems to spread over the world as there now is a theatre in Sydney Australia that gives performances that origins from the myths initiated by female bosses at Swedish State Television.


Translated Document

From: Erland Renström (erland.renstrom@svt.se)


9th of March 2010    15:36:30

To: thomas.a.jackson@hotmail.com

Best Thomas Jackson (Transl. remark: ”Best” is often used as ”Dear” in the beginning of a letter in Sweden)

My name is Erland Renström and I work with security issues at Swedish State Television Inc.   I am writing to you because of the many unpleasant e-mails you for a long period of time have addressed to colleagues at Swedish State Television Inc.   I want you to pay attention to that what you are doing has a specific classification in our Swedish book of criminal law namely molestation. The sentences for these kinds of crimes against persons runs from 6 months to 6 years in prison. I also want to be explicitly very clear about one thing: if you dont immediately stop your writings you will be object for legal proceedings.

Stockholm 9th of March 2010

Erland Renström

Erland Renström

SVT Security

Phone 08-7848895, 070-540 36 41




Original Document

Erland Renström (erland.renstrom@svt.se)
den 9 mars 2010 15:36:30

Bäste Thomas JacksonJag heter Erland Renström och arbetar med säkerhetsfrågor vid Sveriges Television AB. Jag skriver till dig med anledning av de många obehagliga e-brev du under lång tid riktat till medarbetare vid Sveriges Television AB.Jag vill uppmärksamma dig på att det du ägnar dig åt har en särskild rubricering i brottsbalken, nämligen ofredande. Straffpåföljden för fridsbrott löper från 6 månader till 6 år.Jag vill också vara mycket tydlig i en sak: om du inte genast upphör med ditt skrivande kommer du att bli föremål för legala åtgärder.Stockholm den 9 mars 2010Erland Renström___________________________________________

Erland Renström
SVT Säkerhet
08 – 784 8895
070 – 540 36 41