Epilogue – Tim Pool summarizes my situation in Sweden – ”I kind of dont like Sweden”

Tim Pool, a wellknown journalist makes in this youtube video report below some reasonable and correct  statements about the country of Sweden. Listen to it!

After 50 seconds he tells what I also feel ”I kind of dont like Sweden”. Of course it is sad when a person agrees with a statement like that about his own country. Then something is wrong. I am Swedish but left Sweden 1994.

I live in Norway and dont like to work in Sweden any more. Tim also gives an example in his video how Swedish public service SVT/SR in an interview with him deliberately made a false translation from English to Swedish. Mr Pool said namely ”right wing” which SVT of course translated ”rigth wing extremist” in Swedish. Tim Pool also picks up other similar incidents and summarizes one cannot trust Swedish media which I can tell with my hand on the New Testament is absolutely correct.  We have a media tragedy in Sweden.

I have myself been in the same position like Tim,  i.e. being on purpose misquoted and by the way much worse.   Being a conservative all my life on christian foundation of course I am by definition regarded as a very suspect person by Swedish journalists who most often are either leftwing or marxists.

When I publically year 2006 tried to raise concern that from a medical perspective one ought to discuss if the enigmatic epidemic of unconscious, mutistic, tubefed, in diapers, immobile for months and years refugee children in Sweden aged 6-15 were used by traffickers as human shields against deportation then hell broke lose upon me. I was according to Swedish media a xenophobic, evil, stupid and incompetent doctor  even though my only intention was just to help these kids from the severe torture it must be to be coerced to act ill in this way due to parental or traffickers coaching.  And when the only persons that gave me help to build an information platform were in fact real far right organisations in Sweden it got of course even worse. I just could not let go of this tragedy without trying to do what was in my power. And at least the far right wing organisations also told it was unacceptable to sweep parental coaching under the carpet. But the marxist media that is extremly strong in Sweden have been succesful in covering it all up so in November last year 2016 one could read that 150 refugee children were in bed being tubfed because they have been denied asylum.

Summary: Just because of Swedish media mislabelling information over thousend of refugee children have been or are in a terrible situation in Sweden. Doctors that try to raise concern are harassed.

So, thanks a lot Tim for having the courage to mention that Swedish media should not be trusted. I KNOW you are right about this.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Thomas Jackson MD, PhD