EXPLANATION to why only the first page and this of www.jajj.se are available

Extra: some articles about the fraudster Gellert Tamas is shown to the public because of the attention the trial against Lasermannen John Ausonius in Frankfurt has received during December 2017. This because Gellert Tamas lies and fact twisting work method might be behind a fake prosecution


When I write this it is two days ago since I 28th of November 2017 had my first day at Stockholm District Court in a case that might be regarded as pivotal for many children – not only refugee children.  Stockholm District Court takes my concerns regarding children that are in malingering by proxy situations, abbreviated MAL-BP, situations, seriously. I have therefore decided to make all pages in this website private so only I can see them myself. Why?

  1. For many years, all since 2006 I have felt discriminated by Swedish media. My first day at court was a day of positioning and civilized fighting. Yesterday was a day of orientation. And today is a day of reflection.
  2. The discrimination by Swedish media made me losing my balance and some of my writings got too provocative which I regret. I therefore make those writings private. I have no plans to make them public again. They have hopefully served their purpose to create some dynamics in a debate that otherwise would have become too rigid.
  3. Raising concerns regarding the refugee children that were, and many still are, in MAL-BP situations i.e. malingering by proxy situations, costed me a lot. I was severely attacked by pediatricians and journalists most of all by the fraudster Gellert Tamas who will be called to court.      But my faith in Christ, in democracy and the support I have received from friends of all etnicities and religions and family have kept me on the track to not give up before Swedish society has opened up for MAL-BP as a possible explanation to the tragic destiny many refugee children that come to Sweden end up in and are victims in.  This refugee group is heterogenous. My thoughts go daily to the children that are in the móst severe MAL-BP situations which cause them enormous stress and pain.