Fake News! Rachel Aviv at The New Yorker – A splendid Idiot? Or a Deliberate Copycat Maker?


At least now the terrible hysterical child abuse epidemic in Sweden, where innocent children are used as torpedos to get asylum for their ”families” or used as human shields against deportation, now is discussed in The New Yorker, 27th of March 2017.   But what kind of discussion!   Read first Avivs so called story. Then read the truth in the link below.




Read this: http://jajj.se/lawsuite-against-swedens-biggest-newspaper-aftonbladet-for-creating-severe-copycat-epidemic/

Perhaps its time to warn the public re the low intelligence in The New Yorker.

Everyone in Swedens know its serious child abuse where pediatricians cant confess doing wrong because of fear being taken to court. And journalists cant admit they have been fooled by other journalists because everyone then would be ridiculed.  This is just as taboo as it is to mention that 35 year old asylum seeking men that call themselves 17 years old fake their age.

Again. Read this psychotic, twisted and amateurish story in The New Yorker by someone, a so called journalist Rachel Aviv in The New Yorker, that tries to write with empathy although she might create more copycats of this cruel epidemic.