Fraud article at well known Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience creates severe child abuse in Sweden

Fraud in an article at well known scientific journal Frontiers legitimises a severe MAL-BP epidemic in Sweden traumatising over thousends of extra vulnerable  refugee children.

The same leaders of famous Karolinska Institute in Sweden that were behind the scandalous Macchiarini affair seem now to be involved in an even greater scandal.  Namely scientist at this very famous institute that select nobel Prize winners regard children severly traumatised by traffickers in a MAL-BP epidemic as victims of a new disease. A disease which the amateurish scientists at this institute name resignation syndrome.   Hopefully anyone with common sense can inform Karolinska Institute that it is not difficult to understand that severe year long child abuse creates resignated children.


Below you find an interview with the well known Swedish psychiatrist Dr Jackson and one world leading expert on malingering by proxy  prof Marc Feldman.