Gellertamasian = a person lying about something WITHOUT any knowledge what he is lying about

Human development needs a modernized language that connotates reality as adequate as possible. In Sweden a tremendous humane catastrophe has occured because of a journalist (without any journalistic education) and author, Gellert Tamas, was labelled expert in a complicated medical issue and for years was referred to as an expert in medical diagnostics.

Bildresultat för gellert tamas bilderGellert Tamas the

                                     fraudster, trickster and lier!




Therefore we intoduce the term ”gellertamasian” for a person that lies about things he or she totally lacks any knowledge about.  The word is derived from the notorious Swedish author named Gellert Tamas that totally lacks academic and journalistic education and anyway could be labelled expert in medical diagnostics by his friends in media. He was so succesful so even the Swedish National Health Board referred to him in their guidlines how to treat asylum seeking children in life threatening conditions.  And not only that, the gellertamasian approach meant that up to 10.000 asylum seeking children in Sweden became victims of the horrible medical assault called MAL-BP (malingering by Proxy).

What is absolutely astonishing is that even the Swedish Doctors Association that could not diagnose the children trusted Gellert Tamas.   For further information read this link:   but please be aware that Tamas now is pretty much out of the picture because Swedish authorities and establishment has begun to understand that they perhaps trusted him too much. But everyone can google ”Gellert Tamas Swedens Apathetic Children” and you will find a lot of amazing but utmost tragic writings. Link: is fascinating in this absurd story is that in Gellert Tamas book that he advertises in this link he is himself absolutely convinced that he has discovered and disclosed a tragedy when in fact he misunderstood everything and just listened to traffickers and cruel caregivers that complained to him how Swedish authorities were neglecting their (in reality false) claims.