Happy New Year to All decent People that love their Fellow Human Beings, Animal Welfare, Freedom of Speech, Democracy and Christianity

Dear all,

I wish you all a very happy year 2021. Of course I wish all decent people from all religions and ideologies a happy new year.  But as I hope this year to be especially  successful for my own Christian faith that respects everyone, that does not want to stone anyone and speak out the truth, I wish proportionally and especially my Christian fellow man a happy new year.

The year 2020 turned out to be a kind of pause for me. I dont know if I needed it or not. It just turned out that way that I was not as active professionally or on social media as a normal year. To some extent it depended on sound economy i.e. I did not need to work to survive. And to some extent that a book was published in Sweden titled ”The Apathetic Children – and the society that betrayed them”. This book meant that I could relax a little bit as I was now not alone in Sweden in telling that the so called apathetic refugee children in Sweden in fact were terribly abused and tortured by adults in order to make them look suffering from a severe disease. With the purpose of gaining asylum in Sweden for adults in their company. See link at the end of this article.

Publishing company Mondial Publishing AB. And author a well known journalist Mr Ola Sandstig.

Mr Sandstig was 2020 rewarded ”The Golden Spade” i.e. the finest prize for investigating journalism you can get in Sweden.   Mr Sandstig received the prize for his groundbreaking article in Filter Magazine about Swedens apathetic children where he published interviewes with now grown up children that told about their misery and torture they had to endure for years. This article was published September 2019.  Sad to say the investigative article even if it was groundbreaking was not an economic success.  The Swedish establishment just did not want to hear about their mistakes in using taxes to maltreat, or worse, torture refugee children.   Anyway, I am sure that both Mondial Publishing Company and Mr Sandstig will have some extra stars in their crowns in Heaven.  Its not easy to contradict a mob.   But they did and they surely deserve more awards. I hope they will receive them in the future. It takes time to turn around an ocean liner.

The book explains how refugee children in Sweden from 1998 A.D. have been abused and actually tortured  for years in a so called MAL-BP situation (please google ”malingering by-proxy”) on purpose to gain asylum for adult asylum seekers.  So, for the first time in more than twenty years a Swedish established journalist had the courage to speak up in order to protect these ”apathetic” children. Other journalists had over 20 years been like paralyzed in fear of being called racists IF they hold the view that refugees were abusing their own children. And doctors that tried to raise concerns were called racists and fired by Hospital Directors that did not dare to deviate from Main Stream Media for the risk of publically being called nazis.

Children whose sad destiny was even told in a short American FAKE documentary  movie ”Life overtakes Me” nominated for an Oscar 2020.

What makes this book so special for me personally is that the author points out the concept MAL-BP as the probable cause to the childrens sad state. As some of you know I was the doctor that already year 2006 told that the children probably were victims of this cruel assault MAL-BP. The Swedish socialistic pro immigration establishment i.e. the whole parliament and all Swedish journalists then all went berserk and called me and other dissidents in this issue xenophobics, racists and extremists.   By doing this Sweden did the classic anti-whistle blowing trick ”Shoot the whistleblowers”.

This turned out to be a catastrophe for the children that then could not slip out of the grip the traffickers had them in.

One of Swedens main newspapers Expressen now calls for a Parliamentary Commission to investigate how thousends of refugee children could be tortured for years without any objections from authorities. Link   https://www.expressen.se/ledare/sveket-mot-de-apatiska-ar-en-skam-for-sverige/

Article by myself about the children – link below