Help refugee children to escape from Swedish Health Care where they are tube starved close to death. Look at BBC:s programme!

In Sweden thousands of small refugee children have been coerced into a MAL-BP situation where they behind closed doors are starved almost to death to look apathetic.

It has now been going on for twenty years. Swedish Health Care prescribe tube feeding and then let traffickers or caretakers feed the children. All children including many gipsy children, are in the asylum process. Except those that are used as medical slaves in personal assistance industry. This to make companies that employ family members as staff rich. As well as family members.

The doctor and nurses arrive for a domiciliary visit once a week and journalists invstigate only very few of these children.  Perhaps just one time. And traffickers stage the performance well. If children are ”naughty” the journalists have to wait or visit a more ”suitable” victim.

Only female journalists write about these children as Swedish females love the narrative and Sweden has today a feministic government.   New research from Karolinska Institute has recently showed that this phenomenon exist ONLY in Sweden. A fact that publish service for years have denied the public to hear, and still denies the public to hear, because this is a clear evidence to what Dr Jackson consistently has told – that the maltreatment/medical negligence/child abuse is taking place in Sweden.  And not in the country from where the family fled. Otherwise there should be tens of thousands of children like this all over the world and not only in Sweden.

But the denial process in Sweden is of a mass psychotic scale. It does not matter what medical researchers tell. The females in power seem not to care. They love their own narrative that much.

A State Investigation year 2006 indicated severe child abuse but Swedish public service run by feminists told that it is totally unacceptable to make these kind of allegations against refugees. So the perpetrators were in fact shielded by public service. And when Swedish asylum lawyers ,making millions as advocates for these children that thanks to their devastating situation got a lot of legal help, sided with public service there is not much pediatricians can do. What pediatrician would dare to take the risk to be called a nazi or xenophobic and despised by all public.  This is namely what happened to doctors that tried to raise concern.

All doctors and whistleblowers that have tried to raise concern have been described as against immigration by Swedish devastating political correctness.

We have now a Child Protection Charity in Norway to help kids and relatives close to them that are at risk to get caught in a MAL-BP situation in Sweden. Our goal is to help you and your family, either if you are in asylum processes or presumtive victims as a medical slaves in the personal assistance industry, to escape to Norway.

If you need further information please contact  Dr Jacksons Barnefond (Dr Jacksons Child Protection Charity) mobile phone 004798189351 (0047 is country code for Norway) and we will contact the Norwegian Police/Norwegian Migration officers and discuss how to proceed.

BBC:s program Swedish Mystery Illness you can watch here: