How deeply connected and therefore corrupted are European Public Services Companies?

Year 1988-1991 I had a position as doctor in occupational medicin at Swedish Public Service i.e. SVT – Swedish State Television and SR – Swedish Radio in Stockholm. It was a pretty ordinary job but clients different to them at other places. Swedish Public Services were, and still are, extremely communistic. The very few liberals working at that place were scared of losing their jobs. It was impossible to be a conservative journalist at that place. They just did not exist.

We participated in annual events e.g. European Championships in sport events etc where all European Public Services companies like BBC, NRK and others were invited. Of course there were a lot of mingling and informal groups.    Today from what I have heard these networks and groups have developed informal clubs where they support each others leftish views and help each other to climb the career ladder.    They have also devolped lists on persons they believe should not be allowed public space in any European country.

I know this very well because I am one of them. Namely, I told in some articles year 2006 that Swedish media created copycats in the wellknown cruel epidemic of apathetic children in Sweden. Of course Swedish mediocre communists working at SVT did not appreciate that. So they labelled me xenophobic and worse when I whistleblew about severe child abuse. Journalists just cant stand criticism. They look upon themselves as infallibles.

When I made my pioneer work in the field of Induced or fabricated illness in children, in US called MAL-BP, it was because of all sorts of absurd media allegations against myself impossible for me to whistleblow about this humanitarian catastrophe in Sweden where children in asylum seeking families  were starved close to death for long periods, weeks, months and in some cases for years. They were prescribed gastric tubes so traffickers behind closed doors could starve them to an apathetic/resignated state.  Some children were starved to death.

And whistleblowers were labelled racists.

I told the guilt belongs to the journalists. So its easy to understand Swedish State Television and other Swedish media try to silence myself outside of Sweden.