Identify Gellert Tamas Child-killing Bolshevik network on Swedish State Television

Today the hate-monger Gellert Tamas,  the deceitful journalist and ex-guest professor at Gothenburg school of journalism, appeared on Swedish State Television for the hundred or more times without answering any questions but just preaching his message from Hell.

Gellert Tamas the hate monger and man behind a Child Killling network of Bolsheviks in Swedish media

Gellert Tamas theories about structural rascism turns many in Sweden, including myself, into nationalsocialists.   We just must get that murderous man at any price.

Well, to be honest it is the directors in media that push forward him and his hate-mongering theories.  Tamas wild phantasies that make conservatives like me to support the nationalsocialists in Sweden because they seem to be the only instrument capable of stopping the anti democratic cultural marxiztic paradigm and network ruling in Swedish media.

So full of paradoxes is Sweden today.   If the bolsheviks are not stopped, at any price, Sweden might progress into some kind of diet -North Korea for weak and vulnerable groups. Actually it already is.    E.g. Swedish Health care is full of thousends of induced illness cases where children and adults have to play unwell or more ill than they really are in order to get financial incapacity benefits from social security which is then handed over to organized crime.  And all this because of Gellert Tamas sick theories that everyone that is told being ill by others is in reality ill and that doctors that have concerns about this are depicted like nazis.

Tamas: ”Malingering by Proxy does not exist in Sweden”. Tamas is told to have shown this in his TV-programme September 2006.  It may not be questioned and State Media is totally hooked on Tamas theories because he has built this concept into his psychotic theories of structural rascism i.e. MAL-BP (Malingering by Proxy) do not exist and those who tell so are nazis. Of course Tamas is paid well by organized crime for this and appreciated by the hysterical female directors at State Television!

A kind of modern cruel slavery which for sure exist also in other countries but in Sweden has turned into an epidemic, just as the apathetic Children a tragedy caused by Tamas – a scandal too big to disclose. Now because of Tamas its  spreading into other sectors of society, not only among refugee children.

This morning Gellert Tamas, the man behind the lies that forced thousends of refugee children endure months and years of tube feeding as usual could speak freely at Swedish State television. These terrorists must be brought to justice!

All decent Swedes must now come to Stockholm 12th November arranged by Nordic Resistance Movement NMR to protest against more immigrant coming into the diabolic Swedish system where many risk being slaves for their lifes – forced to play ill to winning billions of crowns to the network of criminals that thrive on Gellert Tamas lies.

Dr. Thomas Jackson Director att Dr. Jacksons Child Protection Charity, Norway.

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