Jackson Corona Virus Index no 2. Infected People/Population Density

Jackson Corona Virus Index no 2.

This index is a useful epidemiological tool to understand e.g. the necessity of lock-downs and other parameters.


Sweden a scarcely populated country is well known for its laissez-faire attitude and no lock-downs. Compared to other low populated areas like Finland and Norway Sweden have an extreme level of infected people.

Amount of Corona Infected People correlated to population density shows Sweden clearly is worst in the world when it comes to protect its residents from infection of SARS-CoV-2.

This correlates well to Swedens world wide known permissive attitude against the virus.   A splendid ”laissez faire” attitude aiming at herd immunity through spreading of the virus without lock-downs.

(please write to my Twitter account @ebmpsykiatri if you find a country with worse ratio as I have not counted every country)


Sweden:   Infected numbers   1064375. Population density 23/squarekilometer.     Ratio:  46277

Italy:         Infected numbers   4197892.   Population density 201/sq.km.                    Ratio: 20385

United Kingdom:  Infected numbers 4467310.   Population density 267/sq.km        Ratio: 16731

Germany    Infected numbers   3660547. Population density   230/sq.km                  Ratio:  15315

Norway    Infected numbers  122917.      Population density   14/sq.km                      Ratio:  8779

Hungary:  Infected numbers  802510. Population density 106/sq.km                         Ratio: 7571

Brazil      Infected numbers 16121136.  Population density  26/sq.km                          Ratio: 6200

Finland     Infected numbers 91744.        Population density   16/sq.km                       Ratio: 5734

Bosnien-Herzegovina:  Infected numbers 203513. Population density 69/sq.km.    Ratio: 2949

Beligium    Infected numbers 1049822.  Population density   369/sq.km.                   Ratio:  2345

Denmark    Infected numbers 275207.   Population density   135/sq.km                     Ratio: 2038


The reason why Norway and Finland have a lower degree of death index (index no. 1 previously presented) than this index no 2 of infected numbers might be explained by good health care systems and not overloaded hospital beds.

This corona index no 2 is besides corona index no 1 Dr Jacksons second important contribution to medical science. The first contribution was when he showed that Swedens epidemic of thousends of tube fed lifeless children (apathetic/resigned) in reality was severe child abuse.

See   http://jajj.se/jackson-mp-syndrom/


Dr Jackson is Director of and acting professor at Evidence Based Medicine LTD,   Leeds, UK.