Dr Jacksons MAL-BP Syndrome

Jacksons-Mal-BP-Syndrome This new diagnostic entity, a severe variant of Malingering by Proxy/MAL-BP, will when time is mature i.e. after all political correctness that inflamed the tragedy,  have its name changed to Swedish-MAL-BP-syndrome or Vegetetative/Resigned-MAL-BP syndrome, according to the wish of Dr Jackson. Below and after the text and youtube interviw with Dr Jackson and professor Marc Feldman you find pictures of the suffering children. Jacksons Mal-BP-syndrome is a syndrome concieved and described first time by Swedish-American-English medical doctor Thomas Jackson in an article 18th of January 2006 in Swedens biggest medical weekly paper Dagens Medicin. Thousends of refugee children were fed by tube in a catatonic state for years waiting for asylum. The labour government that raised concern that the epidemic might be severe child abuse was fiercly attacked by media, Christian Democrats, Green Party, Communist Party,Liberals, Center Party. The Conservatives had divided opinions but under their new leader Fredrik Reinfelt they agreed with the Green Party, Communists and others that this enigmatic illness was a so called late onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A result from experiencing traumatic events in the country the children with their families fled from. When the children arrived in Sweden they were healthy but … Fortsätt läsa Dr Jacksons MAL-BP Syndrome