Karin Johansson Blight – A dangerous but probably innocent Swedish Nurse. Living and working in London

The hysterical lies from Swedens public service about apathtic children have many victims on different levels in society. Most of all the tragedy and unbelievable suffering for previously healthy children strike us. Children that after years of starvation by restricted gastric tube feeding, wearing diapers, coerced to mutism, threats behind closed doors, wheelchairs etc become if they survive, neurotic or psychotic handicapped souls.

I dont know if persons like the nurse and pseudo researcher Karin Johansson Blight should be catagorized like a criminal or victim. She might actually be both. In Swedens socialistic medicine nurses and social workers have often been chosen to be executive directors, like in UK, the problem in Sweden is that these CEOs also have the right to decide who is responsible for giving a diagnose. This has led to enormous chaos in Swedish psychiatry.   Psychiatrists like myself with a vast experience a different patients, intensive studies of  comprehensive textbooks and with an ambition to help patients can hardly work any longer in Sweden as there are so much misdiagnosing going on (like in UK but in other proportions and other dynamics) so if you start working at a place you most often find serious misdiagnosing after 1-2 months and its very difficult to revalidate a diagnos (like in UK) because who is willing to take the legal consequences for a lousy work that might have lead to a suicide?

Karin Johansson Blight is evidently now working in London with a mission to spread her misconception about the Swedish apathetic refugee tragedy to United Kingdom.   I am sure she does it with a good purpose to help children but in reality she acts and writes like a witch that takes part, like thousends of others fooled Swedish health care workers, in severe and criminal child torture with THOUSENDS of refugee children victims in a malingering by proxy situation. MAL-BP (malingering by proxy) is according to Scientific American Psychiatry (2017) a crime. Of course it is a crime when you coerce a child to tube feeding and then starve the child for months and years into apathy. Something like this could never happen in a normal democracy. But Sweden is not a normal democracy. Sweden is the worlds most secular country where nothing is holy any longer. This creates a unique mixture of self-indulgence, existential anxiety and fear of what others might think. And a society with anarchistic characteristics. In Sweden two antisocial teenagers can rape an innocent girl in  a subway station in front of 20 adult males that dont dare to interfere.

Many today know about the Macchiarini scandal at Karolinska Institute. Well, the apathetic refugee scandal is much bigger and might end with Nobel Prize removed from Karolinska Institute. Why? Well, what kind of scientists want to receive a prize from a medical research institute that call severe child abuse and child torture (torture is exactly what it is, just as Auschwitz, but it lasts longer than Auschwitz) for a ”cultural disease”.

As if the absurdity of the situation with low quality research at Karolinska Institute is not enough the climax of the absurdities show when only nationalsocialists support the doctors, like myself, that say we must protect the children from their parents.  Probably the right wing radicals tell it because they want the refugee children to leave Sweden. Anyway, I have met some of them that are really upset about the child abuse  on refugee children that Karin Johansson Blight calls something else. One of these radicals told me ”We national socialists are against all kind of child abuse, not only on Swedish children”.  I guess he has a point there.

Swedens so called apathetic children are nothing else than an unbelievable cruel copycat epidemic instigated by Swedish Socialistic State Television that probably thought they would help the children and not realised they been lured into a trap by criminals. Many health professionals like Karin Johansson Blight seem also to have been lured into taking part in this child abuse disguised as health care.

May I suggest that Karin studies the GMC regulations for protecting vulnerable children and read some articles about malingering by proxy?   If Karin has the courage to stand up and admit how she was lured she can really help these children. But as all Swedes with some exceptions are cowards, I suppose she wont.  I was myself Swedish, but with an English name, since last year I am a Norwegian citizen, thats perhaps why I have the courage to stand up for these poor children.   Its difficult to live in Sweden unless you accept its totalitarian multicultural agenda which means you have to accept crime against humanity.

Dr Jackson