For background information regarding this copycat epidemic that started 2002 and lasts until this very day January 2017 at present with 150 child victims in Sweden please have a glance at these links from


  • Swedish Government Commission of Inquiry year 2006 where you find they quote Dr. Jackson page 26 telling the asylum children are victims of Malingering by Proxy. This meant Dr. Jackson broke a taboo in Sweden never to criticise asylumseekers whatever they do :


In short: Dr. Jackson told publically December 14th 2005 in Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet (ranked no 4 in Sweden) in a feature article re. the hundreds of unconscious tube fed asylum seeking children in Sweden ”I know I risk my reputation and doctors career in Sweden but someone has to stand up and protest against the ongoing maltreatment of these children as they get severely traumatized in the process”. 

After this statement from Dr. Jackson he was described as a lunatic suffering from xenophobia by Swedish politically correct media that for three years (2002-2005) never had published any article about the possibility that the children might be victims of induced illness. Swedish media had namely previously  proudly told, before Dr. Jackson arrived on stage, that they and their favorite doctors i.e. the doctors that they always used to call up for interviews (e.g. according to Israeli ambassador Bachman, in Stockholm, the antisemite Dr Ascher, once imprisoned i Israel)  when they wanted ”expertise”, had discovered a new illness because of too restricted asylum politics.  

After this the tension between Dr. Jackson and Swedish media grew year after year and when only right wing radicals papers supported Dr. Jackson it all developed into a kind of ongoing low intensity war between Dr. Jackson and Swedish media year after year. And the polarisation grew and grew ending up in a standstill, neither Dr Jackson nor Swedish journalists gave up their positions. One email from Swedens Panorama boss Nils Hanson leaked to Dr Jackson where Hanson tells one of his journalist colleagues ”He does not give up”. As if the conservative Dr Jackson working in England should give up because some ludicrous communists at Swedish State Television called him nazi. But that is what Swedish journalists are used to. Swedes are so scared of journalists so they dont dare to voice deviating opinions for fear of being called right wings or worse.  That is why Sweden is in a state of increasing chaos today – we have no objective journalism any longer.

But the pediatricians went totally silent as Dr Jackson told publically he was going to report the pediatricians to the police for murder if he heard that any child had died.

In fact, some pediatricians were invited to a conference in Hamar Norway year 2013 but according to head of the conference Dr Terje Vestheim, consultant psychiatrist, did not dare to come to Hamar because Dr. Jackson worked as a psychiatrist in Hamar at the time.

So it all ended that Dr Jackson described Swedish journalists as unprofessional idiots corrupted by a multicultural agenda and Swedish media depicted Dr. Jackson as a nazi because the only one that dared to support Dr. Jackson were right wing radicals. Dr. Jackson has in hundreds of email and phone conversations (documented) asked Swedish journalists to forget about him and write the truth about the victimised children that are brutally maltreated by adult asylum-seekers to gain asylum for the whole group as Swedish law tells a very ill child is entitled to asylum with its family.


Now finally after 11 years the whole issue is taken to court proceedings. Below you find a translation to English (except the attachments that you can write to Stockholms Tingrätt/Stockholms District Court http://www.stockholmstingsratt.se/and ask for, the Court case no is   T 15812 – 16 department 4)

A summons has been sent to Mr Jan Helin former chief editor of Aftonbladet now serving as program director at Swedish State Television SVT. He is one of Swedish medias most powerful persons.  Mr Helin has strongly advocated that induced illness in children is absolutely unthinkable of in the epidemic of mute and tube fed asylum children in Sweden but he never explains how he knows this more than he refers to a person that recently has been shown to be a fake journalist without any journalistic education at all, although this journalist has been a ”star journalist” on Swedish Panorama.

Mr Helin just ”knows it” and evidently hope to get away with it because Swedes are so scared of fighting or being non-conformistic. Mr Helin also  denies every kind of copycat mechanism regarding the tubefed asylum children in Sweden. We sincerely wonder if Mr Helin understands what copycats is. In Sweden all the children are described by the parents being in the same position, mute, dont give any respons to stimuli, dont communicate, diapers, tubefed, in wheel-chairs or in their beds. They stay like this as long as they are in the asylum process. They are tube fed by their parents or other adults at their temporary homes.

When they get asylum many of the children slowly get better but some seem to stay in this passivity for months or years probably because they have been that traumatized in the process of coerced acting/parental coaching that they cant resume a normal interacting with people.

But – the genius of Mr Helin without any medical education dont hesitate to label even the terms induced illness and malingering by proxy as Dr. Jacksons nationalsocialistic ideas in the article  he published about Dr. Jackson and this is why dr. Jackson now brings Mr Helin to the Court.

If dr. Jackson wins this case probably it will be the start of a disclosure of one of the biggest copycat epidemics ever and also a media scandal unheard of before as Swedish media including public service for over 15 years has put their full confidence and trust in a journalist named Gellert Tamas which now has been shown to lack every bit of journalistic education and is by Dr. Jackson and other Swedes regarded as the Swedish answer to Bernie Madoff or Bagdad Bob.

According to Dr. Jackson (who by the way has been occupational physician at Swedish State Television for two years so he should know) Swedish media elite today consists of tricksters, psychopaths and witches and this is the explanation for the extreme growing chaos in todays Sweden – every news is twisted to fit an agenda.

Below you see three of the key tricksters in Swedish media involved in the enormous media scandal of previously unheard proportions in a western society creating a copycat epidemic  of thousends vulnerable asylum children that are tube fed to starvation year after year waiting for asylum and used as torpedos for adults to gain asylum in Sweden or as human shields against decisions of deportation:

                    Bildresultat för gellert tamas bilder                    Bildresultat för nils hanson bilder

Mr Jan Helin taken to Court.                Gellert Tamas hoax-journalist.                  Mr Nils Hanson

Gellert Tamas, reports recently disclosed he is lacking  any journalistic education, lured Helin and Hanson both highly profiled media elitists in Sweden that he, Tamas, had discovered a network of right wing extremists  that together with migration minister Barbro Holmberg (ex-mother in law to Tiger Woods) were forging a state inquiry. Helin and Hanson got hooked on Tamas sensational news and within days everyone in Sweden,  doctors, politicians, solicitors, judges, clergy men and other journalists were told that theories of this type of Induced Illness in Children do not exist anywhere except among nationalsocialists. And this is exactly what Swedish journalists wanted to hear because otherwise they would have been shown to be wrong from over four years back.   It is surely tragic but this is in short why a copycat epidemic of mutistic, immobile tube fed asylum children exists in only Sweden today and not anywhere else in the world.


Translation of Swedish Court Documents

The full translation of six documents sent to Stockholm District Court will probably be done this weekend. Later today 7th Januaru 2017  we publish the first document.


Document 1.


Application for summons to Stockholm District Court

Date 1 December 2016

To:   Stockholm District Court

Box 8307

104 20   Stockholm


Plaintiff:  Dr Thomas Jackson and Dr. Jacksons Child Protection Charity (Dr. Jacksons Barnefond)  mobile 0047-98189351

Postboks 148

2241 Magnor



Defendant:   Aftonbladet AB ./. Mr Jan Helin editor in chief                           (translated: Evening Paper LTD ./. Mr Jan Helin)

Västra Järnvägsgatan 21

111 64   Stockholm



Claim 1.

To initiate a new case at Stockholm District Court related to Mr Helins breach of the press laws.

This as there are extra ordinary circumstances involved in this case. The summons relates to severe defamation of Dr. Thomas Jackson in an article the newspaper Aftonbladet published in its web edition 26th March 2012 and its paper edition 27th of March 2012. The period of limitation for this crime/offence is five years. A court case related to the offence began already year 2014 at Stockholm District Court but was never finalized depending on the enormous complexity  (e.g. new and complicated diagnostics that Swedish doctors were not familiar with, incorrect quotations, rumours and myths that no child abuse took place spread by public service, leading journalists that dont understand the difference between malingering and induced illness) that related to the case demanding extra ordinary measures.



Plaintiff withdrew in reasonable time before the preparatory court proceedings his case as the defendant in his unique position as Swedens biggest newspaper website publically harassed and tried to silence a witness. Please see attachment no 2. named ”application for respite 7th July 2014”. In this application for respite Dr. Jackson refer to circumstances as:

a. An inquiry into how Swedens National Board of Health and Welfare has handled this issue ought to take Place. This as the National Board appointed two social workers after each other (from year 2005-2014 ) to be head investigators of a definate Medical clinical issue. These social workers not only totally excluded the possibility of Illness Falsification in Children – they had actullay not even heard the terms they told Dr. Jackson in a phone conversation. They were not even aware of its existence i.e. that something like that could actually exist. But they relied totally on Swedish Pediatricians Board. Pediatricians of whom we know from research literature ”Just as pediatricians treating seemingly devoted mothers often have great difficulty even entertaining the notion that a mother may be harming her child intentionally even when faced with compelling evidences…” page 149 in Malingering and Illness Deception, Hallinger Bass, Oxford University Press 2005.

b. Dr. Jackson had severe difficulties to find a solicitor willing to take on his case. He called approximately 15 law offices, was willing to pay a high fee (budget £ 60.000) to get at least some help but was denied this even though he called The Swedish Law Assocation to find a suitable lawyer. They did not even call him back.

Today both these reasons to withdraw the case are reasonable eliminated.


New circumstances that attest/strengthen claim 1 to initiate a new court case are:

a. General Medical Council in United Kingdom where Dr. Jackson in addition to his registration as practising doctor in Sweden and Norway is  registered with no. 6026756 has sent Dr. Jackson a document year 2016 after Dr Jackson reported himself to be investigated whether he has doen anything wrong when he raised concern    to be continued tomorrow 8th January 2017