Legal Court Proceedings against Newspaper Aftonbladet

Tuesday 29th of November

Our legal team discussed suing Swedens biggest newspaper Aftonbladet. Hopefully we can file the documents coming Monday.   Its an utmost serious issue and I really look forward to a court decision.



Friday 25th November 2016

We in the team discussed what way we should head to be sure the case could go all the way to the European Court.

A youtube interview with mysef was presented 22nd November to the public:

Interviewer was the well known journalist Ingrid Carlqvist former news editor at Kvällsposten/Expressen which corresponds to e.g. Daily Mail in England.



Thursday 17th November 2016

Sorry for delay. Today Swedish Public Service broadcast :

The article shows a clearcut malingering by proxy situation which is extremely painful for the child. Swedish journalists have unanimously told Swedish public that we the journalists (one of them believes he made a medical discovery) of Sweden discovered a new disease. And they did not even discuss MAL-BP syndrom (i.e. Induced Illnes in Children). So Swedish journalists have created what probably is the worlds biggest and most cruel copycat epidemic in history. And now of course they cant admit their wrongdoing.



Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Yesterday I studied Tryckfrihetsförordningen, i.e. the Swedish law regulating freedom of the press. According to this it seems pretty clear that Swedish State TV and Radio have committed a crime when they media shadowed the reasons I had for my statements related to the epidemic of apathetic children in Sweden. My lawyer called acording to our agreement and we decided a meeting in the beginning of next week.



Friday 28th October 2016


I have today studied part of European Convention on Human Rights. Especially Article 10 related to Freedom of Expression.

I also read parts of Warnling-Nereps and Bernitz Swedish book ”Guidelines to Freedom of the Press Act and Freedom of Speech Act”. These profesors at Stockholm University Law School explains that the European Convention of Human rights is clear about that freedom of speech and of the press is a condition for a functioning democracy. They emphasize that according to the European Convention there is a direct link between freedom of speech and press and democracy.

These professors also emphasize that the public MUST have a reasonable chance to keep themselves informed both according to the European Convention and according to Swedish Law and therefore massmedia have a very central role in a democratic society.

Comment: Well. What can I say? And what will the international public tell when they hear that some licensed Swedish doctors and specialist doctors for years tried to tell the Swedish public that there do exist internationally a tragic phenomenon with children as victims that is called Malingering by Proxy/MAL-BP or Induced Illness and that this might be related to the humanitarian catastrophe of thousends of Swedish ”apathetic” refugee children.

But Swedish media consistently denied us whistleblowing doctors public space and have therefore consistently denied Swedish public this extremely important information. What is also upsetting is that not only denied Swedish Public Service us whistleblowing doctors public space but they also worked explicitly against us portraying us as incompetent xenophobic doctors.

Newspapers even denied me to advertise my book ”Copycat-kids” probably because public service told Swedish newspapers that ”Dr. Jackson is a right wing extremist” (my comment: I am not).

Public Service told so without giving me the slightest chance to deny these very serious allegations. Public Service also denied me to explain to the public that MAL-BP is discussed very late in medical science and first time it ever was termed was as late as 1996 by some professors at YALE in US and this is probably why pediatricians educated before 1996 never have heard about MAL-BP. I was not even allowed to tell this.

Jan Lind, journalist and former head of debate section at Swedish Doctors Associations weekly Magazine denied me to write an article about MAL-BP because, he told ” It is unpolite to inform Swedish pediatricians that they dont know this. They are pediatricians and know what they are doing. You are just a psychiatrist”.

Public Service interviewed older pediatricians that had never about the term MAL-BP and Swedish Public Service then took for granted that I was a hoax and made a fool of me publically – this is the most serious allegation I have against public service in Sweden as when public service called me a rightwing extremist and portrayed my discussions about MAL-BP as extremist-talk they in fact increased the terrible MAL-BP epidemic on extra vulnerable refugee. Traffickers now knew that they could go on with this child-torturing trick as after I who tried to whistleblow was labelled an extremist now no other doctor dared to oppose because of fear of being branded nazi by Public Service.

The fact that Swedish Public Service was behind this denial of information to the public although public service received hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails from several doctors should I believe be regarded as a serious deviation from European Convention on Human Rights. Especially as public services caused a copycat epidemic of torture on refugee Children. In many cases severe torture depending on how the traffickers rigged the situation where they on false grounds claimed the Children were that ill that they had to be prescibed naso-gastric tubefeeding. Some for years, waiting for asylum.