Legal work starts to take responsible journalists to court for causing epidemic in Sweden

Interested to follow Dr. Jacksons legal struggle to help the refugee children?

Then please look at the link on this website where Dr. Jacksons keep a diary updated at least two times a week.

He Always start with a English summary  and thereafter a summary in Swedish  which you hopefully also can read using google translate.

From beginning of next month Dr. Jackson and his team will start half time work to take journalists responsible for creating what might be the biggest copycat epidemic in world history to court. A copycat epidemic that continues year after year because Swedish journalists cant admit they have done anything wrong. They have protected themselves  until this very day by interviewing doctors that initially shared the same beliefs they themselves had. Now even these doctors are reluctant to talk to the journalists. Dr. Jackson and his team will FORCE Swedish journalists to tell the truth – by taking them to court.

Thousends of refugee children have suffered immensely during their period of waiting for asylum in Sweden because at the same time they were being victims of so called MAL-BP assaults by adults in their families in order to catalyze their applications for asylum.  Assaults that Swedish media systematically have put in media shadow.

When former Labour immigration Barbro Holmberg called the epidemic a ”humanitarian catastrophe” she was ridiculed by Swedish media.   What now develops in Sweden the next months and probably for some years ahead might be the biggest free speech case ever in Swedish history.

This last year from September 2015-october 2016 Dr. Jackson has gained more and important support and believes now he can win the case. At the same time Dr. Jackson asks EVERYONE for an excuse if they  have been offended by his provocative personal and political style. However, if he had not had this style he never would have endured he says. He just had to keep the discussion and debate heated so it would not just fade away.  Now we go into another phase where law in the end will rule. The fact that Dr. Jackson from beginning of November gets legal support by solicitors is the reason why he can leave his provocative style which after all seems to have prevented the epidemic of MAL-BP assaults on innocent children from unnecessary spreading at the scale it used to be.

At this website English speaking audience can follow the development by looking into the diary Dr. Jackson will keep for some months  or 1-2 years, as long as the legal work is ongoing.


You find the diary here:

It will always start with a short summary in English about the activities of the day. After this summary we will have a longer part in Swedish which hopefully people that dont know Swedish can find interesting by the help of google translate:

ENGLISH: New book: new-book-swedens-apathetic-refugee-children-beaten-to-a-diagnosis/

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