Lunacy in Sweden: Professor suggests people should start eating Human Flesh to save the Climate

Again and again I want to leave the Swedish debate which more and more looks like a whirlpool (maelstrom) that sucks you stronger and stronger the closer you come. Sucking you into an abyss of darkness and death.

Look at this so called professor Magnus Söderlund that proposes that we should begin to eat human flesh to save the climate AND INSTEAD OF BEING TAKEN TO A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL HE GETS ATTENTION BY FEMINISTS IN SWEDISH MEDIA AND PROMOTES HIS MESSAGE IN SWEDENS SECOND BIGGEST TV-CHANNEL.

Well, not much to add I suspect. This media exposition clearly shows that Sweden is the worlds most secular country and probably the least ethical, least moralistic, least mature and least common sense country in the world.   And please dont remind me that the christian communion is human flesh – the wine and bread are symbols of Gods love to mankind and something infinite and not your neighbours bodies.

I honestly like to warn the rest of the world for Sweden. People are truly going nuts in a multicultural chaos.