Major Scandal at Karolinska Institute on the Verge to Explode

Karolinska Institute calls severe child abuse for a disease and lets the humanitarian catastrophe to continue year after year.


The prestigious Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden whose board members among others are responsible for electing the Nobel Prize winners in medicine are today anxious to cover up what might be probably the worlds biggest medical scandal. The top management at the institute has acted like it did related to Macchiarini scandal i.e. with total silence.

This time its not about patients whose throats are replaced by plastic throat implants that kill them but about something that might be considered much worse. Namely, the institute has mistaken severe malingering by proxy assaults for a disease since over 15 years and refuses in spite of overwhelming evidences to admit that their research is fraud.   

The consequences are breathtaking. Thousends and thousends of refugee children year after year in Sweden are starved in tube feeding administered by traffickers or abusive parents to the extent that they become unconscious, they lose half their weight and suspicious deaths incidents have been reported. They do this just to gain asylum for the whole of the family. In short: If a family member is very ill, its easier to get asylum in Sweden.

The fraud was eventually discovered year 2006 by whistleblowers but the scandal was already then at that dimension so Swedish public service rescued the institute. In fact the epidemic was worsened by hoax journalists at Swedish State Television that September 2006 told that they had extremely carefully examined the children and State Televisions editors told the public that all adult refugees including the traffickers were innocent. Probably to protect the famous Nobel Prize which is Swedens most important international landmark. They then hoped the epidemic would just fade away. But, it did not, it just continues. And it seems now even possible that the cruel theather is exported to other countries after The New Yorker has published an article about the enigmatic epidemic.

Up to 10.000 children might have been victims and we have not seen the end yet.   The bioethic journal  has published an astonishing article by the whistleblower Dr Jackson. Read below