Mr Gellert Tamas ”expert” on resignated children disclosed by Swedish biggest newspaper Expressen as a Mythoman, Lier and Narcissist

Many people in Sweden find this disclosing article about Swedish Hero Gellert Tamas in Swedens biggest newspaper Expressen important beyond words. Picture shows Gellert Tamas himself.

Swedish pro-immigration establishments absolute favorite Gellert Tamas is an expert in calling and portraying everyone he dislikes as nazis or right wing extremists. Swedish Public Service has used this man for years to advocate immigration and to analyse political issues.

Why is Expressens article about Tamas that important? Well, it might be the beginning to disclose a mythoman and psychopath that for years has had an untouchable status as pro-immigration hero in Sweden who probably has caused one of our worlds biggest medical hoax and tragedy. The story of Swedens Resignated Children debated and described abroad in BBC, The New Yorker and others.

Swedens ruling pro-immigration establishment among the press och politicians has namely for years, actually since the millenium-shift, regarded this so called journalist, who has no journalistic education, in fact no other education at all least of all in medicine, Gellert Tamas a hero. This person has been regarded a prophet in Sweden and he himself has described himself as a God-given gift to help Swedish people to understand themselves.  His writings has influenced the Swedish National Health Boards Guidelines how  children close to death should be treated medically. In the Guidelines Gellert Tamas writings are referred to in several passages.


Sweden had for years, and still has, a tragic epidemic of mutistic and tube fed children among asylum seeking families. Many doctors, psychologist and health staff warned that the children were used in a cruel way to gain asylum. How?  Well. in short Swedish law tells that if a child is enough ill it should together with its family be granted asylum. So in short, traffickers and cruel adult asylum seekers told Swedish Health Staff their child did not eat. So Swedish pediatricians prescribed tube feeding. And then adult asylum seekers starved the child to apathy and close to death with a purpose to gain asylum. And this method was very succesful so it spread all over Sweden like copycats.


Now Gellert Tamas Publisher tells the truth about him in this article in Expressen. But the article deals with Gellert Tamas personality traits like egoism, manipulating etc. Unfortunately it is in Swedish.

Tamas reply to this article, se next link below, is totally ridiculous. In this reply Gellert Tamas descibed that he got so upset with his ex-publisher that he had to take an ambulance for a suspected heart infarction, which of course it was not, but still he tells he was in intensive care for days. All experienced doctors know this is fake. A suspected heart infarction is investigated with ECG, some enzymes and other minor investigations and after that perhaps one day at a coronary care unit but absolutely not in intensive care.  But this is how Gellert Tamas works. He knows that doctors at the hospital are forbidden to tell how it was – this he uses to twist and manipulate the allegations against him.   He today also knows that Swedish Doctors Association gives full support to Dr Jackson when Dr Jackson, whom is called a ”nazi” by Tamas, tells that Swedens apathetic children are victims of severe child abuse, which in some cases are deadly. But Tamas does not care.

Gellert Tamas: Därför anmäler jag Expressen


Here below you can read about the medical hoax and tragedy Tamas created when he called all doctors and health staff that whistleblew for nazis.   Public Service Swedish State Television run by purely women gave Tamas free entrance to all its channels and as much time on air he wanted so he could blame the epidemic on ”nazi” whistleblowers who all then were denied public space as they were regarded as nazis.