My last post on this blogg? I dont want to cause defaitism when I give up Sweden

Dear Followers,

to bring clarity to the world about the humanitarian catastrophe ”The Apathetic Refugee Children” in Sweden of course drains you for a lot of energy.  The tragedy is namely deeply connected to Swedens transformation to a multicultural country and islamization.

I today feel I have done my part of trying to keep Sweden as a lutheran christian democratic country. I felt already ten years ago that Sweden has passed the point of no return on its way to a chaotic multicultural country. A road that probably will end in a country at the end of this century ruled by sharia law.

I have always been proud of being a whistleblower, or a TRUTH LIFTER which I believe is a more proper word for people that more looks on facts and true science than on each other.  And I want to stay consistent, therefore I write these words:

”Its now too late for Sweden”

But at the same time I dont want to implement defaitism among all the wonderful Swedes, about 20% of the population, that still believe that Sweden belongs to the Swedes and again can become a democratic secular country on christian foundations.

Therefore I cant exclude that this blogg post will be my last one related from the position I tried to keep against multiculturism. A position I have tried to keep as long as I felt in my soul it was right. Today I dont feel that any longer. Today I feel my passion for the truth is greater that my love for my native country of Sweden. And the truth as far as I understand it is that its too late for Sweden. And the sacrifices all the wonderful Swedes, 20% of the population, will do for their beloved country are just too late and not worth even trying because it will damage themselves.   In the long run Sweden might be saved by military intervention from Germany and Poland. But that´s too far away to even think about for the moment.