My position in Swedens political nowhereland

This is how I feel most of the time. I am a politician in Sweden out on my own in a territory I cant see anyone else.

Bildresultat för nowhereland

My political views are not Swedish at all. First of all. I want to be friends with everyone. Except active criminals or terror groups. I feel a little bit like Christ that dined with both sinners and ordinary people. I want to be friends with, but not supporting, all nazis, communiztz, conservative muslims, orthodox jews and others on one condition: that they not are criminals or act as criminals and they dont have any criminal plans or strategies.

I care enormously about the truth. And if you are really interested in knowing the truth I have learned you must listen to everyone – very carefully including all the groups mentioned above.


Two reasons why I am in a political nowhereland in Sweden.

First. My tolerance and interest for all  – except criminal – groups is one of the two reasons why I am in a political nowhereland in Sweden.  Namely, in Sweden the left hates the right, the right hates the left, the jews hate the nazis, the nazis hates the jews, the communists want to kill the nazis, the nazis want to kill the communists, the clergymen want to kill the church and Christ one more time as they dont belive in Him, the imams want to eradicate all faiths except Islam, the jews hate the nation state and the nationalist therefor hate the jews etc etc etc.  The multiculturalists hate of course the conservatives. And if you in this growing disgusting society of Sweden talk to a nazi, all others regard you as a nazi, if you have a jewish friend all others regard you as someone that wants to kill Palestinians, if you are conservative the communiztz in public service hate you and regard you as a nazi because the journaliztz hate conservatives. If you show sympathy for some traits in islam nationalists hate you for this etc etc. I have been living in six different countries and nowhere I find such a hate level hidden under the surface as in Sweden. Sweden is balcanized already. The old Swedish nation is gone. Now we have to make the best of it. Everyone that today lives in Sweden. Together. But first we must get rid of the source to all problems (well, almost all 🙂 ) – the socialistic, feministic, lying, cultural marxiztic journalists.


Second. The other reason is that I am a strongly confessing christian of classical conservative caliber with enormous pathos for democracy. My pathos for democracy with its most essential features like truth, enlightment, freedom of speech, human rights and equality drives me every day into conflicts with people that tell they share my opinions but in real life act far from these values.

Well. If you want to know who my enemies are I like to let you know that:

  1. -Its not the muslims – they are in Sweden now and we have to make the best of it.
  2. -Its not the jews, the jewish majority is nice and civilized, their elite has too much influence in media and financial world but they have worked hard for it and the native populations where the jewish diaspora live have accepted it. My solidarity with Israel is very disturbing for many.
  3. – Its of course not the average person in this world. I am an ethnopluralist and I ”love all, serve all”. I am a christian medical doctor with a proven track record of treating all patients the same with empathy, optimal medical treatment and courage to object when things go wrong. I always whistleblow when I discover patients are at risk. I am extremely annoyed over all the hoaxes and faked illnesses that drain our welfare systems of hundred of billions of pounds each year in Europe.
  4. Its not my colleagues, medical doctors, although I all too often find their diagnostic capacities inconsistent and amateurish.


My enemies are Swedish journalists

Why? Because they are by far the biggest and most mediocre lying hyenas of professional group that ever have inhabited this planet. They cant even breath without lying. Lies are deeply engrained in their very existence. They are totally totally brainwashed with a cultural marxistic childish jealous primitive incompetent agenda.

They are the most hated professional group in Sweden according to polls. They are worse than Stasi-members. In fact many of them are former Stasi supporters. My political goal is to put 10% of them behind bars and take the pension away from the rest 90% so they after that can live on the streets for the rest of their lives. A well deserved position for these lying feministic hyenas. I have been living in six different countries. In England, Switzerland, US and Australia the newsmedia work in a normal way to inform the members of our societies. Norwegian newsmedia are year by year lowering their truth density but its a long way to go to the absolute bottom of journalizm, to the absolutely awful, disgusting, ridiculous, childish, mediocre, feministic and hysterically unbalanced black hole journalism we have in Sweden.

Thanks. I now feel much better.