Neurologist Dr Suzanne O´Sullivan is reported to GMC whether her article in The Guardian 12th of April 2021 might promote child abuse

To GMC 18th of April 2021


In Sweden one of the worst hoax in the history of medicine occurs. It´s an epidemic of malingering by proxy/fabricated illness in children (i.e. criminal acts) where refugee children are beaten and starved. BMJ wrote about it 1st December 2008.

Now this colleague Suzanne O Sullivan in an article The Guardian 12th of April 2021 express opinions that illustrates that she has not understood what is going on in Sweden. Please google ”The healthy child that would not wake up: the strange truth..” I kindly ask you also to read this article of mine, please google ”Only in Sweden but why”.

I reported myself to GMC spring of 2016 and received a polite and proper answer with first words
”14 April 2016 In reply please quote: RB/1-1356520465” by Amy Shanahan.

I am sure that Dr O´Sullivan wants the best for these children but an article like her risks spreading this copycat epidemic of fabricated illness in children. I have been a member of BMA since 2005 and several times tried to get articles published about this child abuse where thousands of children are starved, some for years and, without doubt a crime against humanity, but have not been successful.
Last year Swedish State Television admitted their report September 2006 was biased and might have stimulated the epidemic and also last year the journalist Ola Sandstig was rewarded ”The Golden Spade” by Swedish Journalists Association when he told exactly the same thing as I did year 2005 i.e. its parental abuse. GMC, as Dr O´Sullivan is registered with GMC, should ask Dr O´Sullivan to contact Mr Ola Sandstig to hear the truth about these assaulted children instead of spreading information that might promote these crimes against humanity.
According to GMC:s child protection guidelines O´Sullivan MUST react.
Swedens biggest newspaper last year discussed this disgrace of Sweden and asks for a governmental inquiry:
Dr Jackson