Swedish Commandsyndrome – A severe variant of Malingering by Proxy/Induced or fabricated illnes in vulnerables.




We will from tomorrow 28th of October 2016 and then once weekly every Friday afternoon under this meny: New Book ”Swedens Apathetic Refugee Children – Beaten to a Diagnosis” publish excerpts, translated into understandable English, hopefully, from Dr. Jacksons new book about the Apathetic Refugee Children Epidemic in Sweden.

The Socialdemocratic Government tried year 2006 in a state investigation SOU 2006:49 to raise concern whether the asylum children were manipulated or not.   The Swedish media went frantic and accused everyone that publically spoke of this possibility as xenophobic. So everyone became  silent in fear of the Swedish press. Everyone except Dr. Thomas Ericson now sadly decesased,  and Dr. Thomas Jackson who hopes before he goes to his last rest the mechanisms of the doctors role in so called Malingering by Proxy situations will become clearer and better understood so new legislation will be developed to protect the children when the doctor is hopelessly caught in net of lies, exaggerations, false information, his duties as a doctor, malpractise he cant admit unless losing his License etc etc.



28th of October 2016

Below you will find different passages from Dr. Jacksons book ”Swedens Apathetic Children – Beaten to a diagnosis”. We have adapted the text somewhat to our English speaking Readers. We start with the introdution that is 3 pages long and the full three pages will be cleared hopefully late today.


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The title of this book ”Swedens Apathetic Children – Beaten to a diagnosis” has a second half  ”beaten to diagnosis” that deserves some comments.

After having considered plenty of other subtitles this was the one I finally chose because it catches the Swedish tragedy in a nutshell. In Sweden approximately 2000 refugee children have been caught in a very street-smart manipulation method developed by traffickers to ensure the adults in the childs company asylum in Sweden. This as a very ill child according to Swedish Law grants the child and its family asylum in Sweden. The manipulation method is a to stage  clear cut MAL-BP situation i.e. a painful, for some children extrmeley painful position in a play, a staged perfomance, where the children are strictly ordered to stay mutistic, immobile on a bed and dont react to any stimuli. In addition the adults tell the child to not eat so a naso-gastric tube is prescribed by the pediatrician. When the naso-gastric tube is prescribed the child is caught in a trap where the adults can reduce the calori intake i.e.  starve the child.

…. because of lack of time the rest of the introduction will be published later hopefully before next Friday.