Now I can surely stop calling myself a Nazi and Rightwing extremist. Why? Read here!

Dear reader,

thanks to this article in wikipedia about myself

I from now on will stop to call myself a nazi or right wing extremist. I have now got the attention I strived for.

But why on earth have I done so. Well, its somewhat complicated but easy to understand if you take some minuts and reflect on the passages below.


  1. The fall of 2005 I was living in England but went back to Sweden for vacation and some locum work. I then noticed a debate that was non-existing in U.K. but ecstatic in Sweden, the Labour government almost had to resign. It all was about hundreds of mute, immobile tube fed asylum refugee children that ALL had families that been denied asylum.
  2. I wrote an article anno 2006 in a medical journal that this phenomenon might be what in England is called induced or fabricated illness in children  and in USA malingering by proxy abbreviated MAL-BP.
  3. The Swedish government paid attention to my article in a state investigation named SOU 2006:49. At the same time a communist, also well known pro immigration activist, named Gellert Tamas working at public service told publically that Dr Jackson is against multiculture and he labelled me nazi, xenophobic and right wing extremist. And everyone believed  him, I was not given any possibility to comment or deny these ridiculous allegations. So then I was branded nazi, lousy doctor, xenophobic and right wing extremist all over the country. This also meant that how many phone calls I made to editors, how many email I sent to newspaper and give them tip that I AM NOT a nazi but a typical christian conservative, the editors or organisations just told me ”We dont speak with nazis” and hang up. ”Never change a good story” is a saying and media surely had their good story about a nazi doctor in a state investigation.
  4. I wrote two books about the humanitarian catastroph Veritophobia and Copycatkids (Sw. Copycatbarnen) published 2008 and 2009. I was not even allowed to advertise them in Swedish press because ”We dont advertise nazis” they told. So I was totally excluded from the debate in Sweden that to 100% was about myself. Is not that remarkable?

Then I found out that many nazis and right wing extremists in Sweden contacted myself, they were very friendly and encouraging and told they would give me platforms to communicate the message that the poor asylum seeking refugee children were in a terrible so called MAL-BP situation i.e. abused and used as torpedos or human shields by adults to get asylum in Sweden. Probably these nazis and right wing extremists wanted to repatriate the children but I did not care about their purpose. I just wanted the severe MAL-BP abuse to stop and that the Swedish public should get information, at any price, to the torture chambers in Sweden disguised as health care with tube feeding that in fact was tube starvation.

I waited some years. I hoped that the abuse would disappear when Swedish establishment sooner or later use common sense – but that did not seem to happen. I read report after report that there were apathetic children all over Sweden.   Then I told the nazis that please help me and give me a platform. And so they did so they published my message about MAL-BP explaining the severe illness among the children and that the children must be separated from their parents otherwise they might be abused to death because some children were bought on human markets and no one seemed to care about them.

So I got my message out to at least a couple of hundred thousends belonging to the Swedish Democrats parti that have seats in parliament but as Swedish Television label this parti neonazi I was still labelled nazi. And in fact my personal situation got even worse because public service told ”Look its what we told – Dr Jackson is a nazi”.  But that did not matter to me because I got what I wanted – ATTENTION and many heard my message.

So, in short I invented perhaps a somewhat breathtaking strategy that if I publically told I was a nazi and combined this statement with facts how intense the suffering of the refugee children is in their MAL-BP situation there were always a couple of hundreds or thousends that read about it and was shocked by the cruelty by the trafficers that tell adult asylum seekers how to make their own children/or children bought on human markets, severely ill by restricting tube feeding where the child loses its control over their food intake. Periods of shorter or longer restricted tube feeding with more or less food depending on and adapted to what suit the purpose of asylum best.   Many children get that traumatized by the enormous stress their psyche and body are exposed to so they dissociate into a catatonic state because of their high and long lasting anxiety levels.  So their catatonic state is the end result of being in an extremely agonizing MAL-BP situation for years. And when this scandal is disclosed one wonders if the famous Karolinska Institute, Nobel Prize Institute, whose research has resultated in this tragic hoax, will survive.

Of course I have suffered personally a little bit for my endeavours. I have lost friends, some relatives that despise me, I have been sacked from work and hated publically over and over again in media and newspapers as ”A disgusting nazi doctor”. But I tell you this, this suffering of mine is extremely minor compared to these poor children that are coerced to tube feeding, diapers, mutism and that results in severe anxiety and uncertainty about their own fate that goes on year after year in some cases.

The suffering of mine is nothing compared to these poor childrens.

And I would on my death bed deeply regret if I had not done everything that was reasonable in my power to  try to help these children.  Perhaps my strategy to use nazi and right wing extremist platforms were wrong? Well, that was the only thing I could think of – no one else among Swedish media platforms wanted to listen. And it has actually worked. Thanks to the ATTENTION I got Swedish Doctors Association witnessed under oath in a court case that ”Dr Jackson has done nothing ethically wrong”. This was last year.

The epidemic is today well known internationally e.g.

The New Yorker wrote about it April 2017

I was very lucky to get this article published in Bioedge July 2017

And BBC made this documentary October 2017

It is sad to realise that neither The New Yorker nor BBC is interested to discuss the evident MAL-BP situation of the children.   In worst of cases the articles in The New Yorker and BBC are used to empower traffickers and criminal adults to abuse the children.

Anyway. The political debate in Sweden is slowly shifting a little bit and more and more Swedes realise that their legs might have been pulled by criminal asylum seekers in this almost incomprehensible and so called enigmatic tragedy.