Read to find interesting material about Swedish abuse of refugee children

In link below you find interviews, in the first referred link concerning A$AP Rocky very briefly just in  the beginning when Dr Jackson is presented, but in other links explicit details about the tragedy are discussed i.e. they all have information about the severe child abuse going on in Sweden. Child abuse that is shadowed by media and Karolinska Institute probably because the scandal is too big to disclose as the uncover of it would perhaps risk making Sweden to a tragic and incompetent laughing stock around the world.   There now exist some evidences that Swedish politicians and Health officials might open up for discussing MAL-BP especially after Swedish Doctors Association April 16th under oath at Stockholms District Court declared that Dr Jackson had done nothing ethically wrong when he discussed MAL-BP i.e. malingering by proxy as a diagnosis relevant to discuss when related to Swedens epidemic of so called apathetic refugee children.

Om A$AP Rockys situation i Sverige juli 2019. Intervju med professor Thomas Jackson MD, PhD Director vid European College of Psychiatry, Leeds, United Kingdom