Real Power is in Media – not in politics or finances

Sadly very few people have realised that this worlds game of power is to 99% , if not 100%, in media. The people that own and run the media are in fact those that have the power in this world.

Its time for christians and conservatives to realise this.

Many christians and conservatives learned by their upbringing to behave well, study hard and you will be succesful. And that is to some extent true. But if you object to main-stream societal conventions  you will become disappointed because however right you are and however important what you want to tell the world is and however skillful, ambitios and honest you are you well never be heard if the media dont like you. And as media today in general is run by corrupted, deceitful idiots it surely is about time that decent conservative people take over the media businesses. And put the extreme liberals, socialists and green parties out of business.

Thats why I have this blog and plan to develop it.