Refugee Children in Sweden – Victims of Swedish FAKE NEWS

Here are just some of thousends of refugee children victims of Swedish Fake News!

Fake news created by Mr Nils Hanson and Mr Gellert Tamas at Swedish State Television. It took 20 years to disclose. Now everyone is too embarassed too admit. Nobel Prize Institute spread false research. MSM took active part in the fraud. No one today dare to admit that Sweden used billions of tax payers money to traumatize healthy children – lured into a trap by traffickers and criminals that found the perfect trick to fool the doctors.

  1. Coerce and threaten the child to stay silent and passive in bed
  2. Tell the doctor that the child does not eat so the doctor prescribe tube feeding.
  3. Starve the child so the child lose weight.
  4. Abuse and threaten the child so it does not dare to leave the bed.
  5. Keep the money you get from the state for assisting your traumatized child.