Sweden Corona Death Ratio Related to Population Density Worst in The World

Corona Death Ratio correlated to population density shows Sweden is worst in the world

(please write to my Twitter account @ebmpsykiatri if you find a country with worse ratio as I have not counted every country)


Sweden:   Corona deaths   14396. Population density 23/squarekilometer.     Ratio:  626

Italy:          Corona deaths  125501.   Population density 201/sq.km.                  Ratio: 624

United Kingdom:  Corona deaths 127724.  Population density 267/sq.km       Ratio: 473

Germany   Corona deaths   88054  Population density   230/sq.km                   Ratio: 383

Hungary:  Corona deaths   29581. Population density 106/squarekilometer.   Ration: 273

Brazil     Corona deaths 450206    Population density  26/sq.km                         Ration 173

Bosnien-Herzegovina:   Corona deaths  9168.  Population density 69/sq.km.  Ratio: 134

Beligium    Corona deaths 24853   Population density   369/sq.km.                   Ratio:  67

Finland     Corona deaths 942        Population density   16/sq.km                        Ratio: 59

Norway    Corona deaths 782         Population density   14/sq.km                        Ratio: 55

Denmark   Corona deaths 2510     Population densitty   135/sq.km                     Ratio: 18