Sweden – Morally Caput – Cheaters in Public Service

I today watched a tiny part of Swedens bewitched public service SVT.  Only women (well, almost) are employed at Swedish State Television, feminiztic of course, which explains their hysterical modus operandi.

Today they showed how many Swedish students are cheating to enter Swedens decaying universities and professional schools.  At least 20%, probably a much higher figure, become students in medical schools, business schools and other attractive professional schools because of fraud merits. The SVT – programme named Uppdrag granskning, itself a wellknown fraud sensational programme made by fraud-journalists is a good example of the intellectual climate in Sweden.

In the programme they made some interviews, did not question the maffiosos behind the crimes, interviewed some naive female bosses at the Swedish Education Department. Everything they discussed in the programme just aimed at showing sensational aspects and no in depth analysis at all.

In the long run the people living in Sweden, a country with a growing BNP just because of immigration and still fairly high measures on different quality of living ratings, wont tolerate this feminiztic impotent governing. So how will the political forces express themselves in this decaying country.   Being a conservative christian I believe that if the The Christian Nation does not become a mass movement  it will be islam or nationalsocialism that will be so provoked by the ongoing decay so they will march on into the governmental buildings.