Sweden will change its name and its flag: Scandahar.

I heard Sweden will change its name and its flag. Even if this was told by the liberal elite I do agree. This as the country of Sweden that used to be a peaceful country with homogenous christian population and culture is now the opposite with 90% secular Swedes and the rest islamists. So more and more people understand that it is confusing to talk about ”Sweden” with the golden cross over a heavenly blue sky any longer.

Some have suggested ”Absurdistan” as the new name. I prefer however ”Completeidiotstate” or Scandahar inspired by the Al Qaida city of Kandahar. The design of the flag are discussed at different democratic groups and foreign minister Margot Wallström has told the Palestinian flags colours will used in the new flag and of course the cross will be removed.

Who knows, it might be a much better society than today.

But thanks to God, the Christian God and no one else, I am not 100% part of that dirty country any longer as I have had the luck to escape to more decent destinies.