Swedens unique Corona ”laissez faire” also explain Swedens Mystic Apathetic Illness among Children

Dear international readers,

yes, it is very difficult indeed to explain upon what basis Swedish society rests. It is today almost totally secular but now slowly turning into an islamic country.

The way Sweden is dealing with the pandemic caused by Corona-virus is though paid attention to internationally

I'm Sorry I Can't Kiss You'—Coronavirus Victims Are Dying Alone - WSJ

The appalling ignorance that Swedes show elderly at care homes where their rooms are locked from outside and elderly are left to die alone, to die in agony hungry for oxygene without proper treatment is unheard of in a civilised country. The relatives are not even allowed to take farewell  because the managers dont want them to spread the corona virus infection  that their dying relative is suffering from. And what is amazing with Swedes is that they accept this.

Now you perhaps understand another just as cruel epidemic namely the unique apathetic refugee children in Sweden. Everyone that opposed to the evident torture behind locked doors where traffickers manipulated tube feeding to starve the child purposely to get asylum, were by Swedish media including Swedish Public Service labelled xenophobic or worse.

Apatiska barn friska efter att ha skiljts från föräldrar - Omni

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