Swedish Cultural Elite Reward Sadistic Child Torturer the Torgny Segerstedt Prize

The work of Torgny Segerstedt is appreciated by many liberals in Sweden and there exists a charity in his name to protect what he, Segerstedt, believed was free speech.

Being a conservative I am pretty neutral to Torgny, I dont know his work too well, but if he helped people that were treated unfairly and stood up for truth of course I appreciate his work.

It is though very sad to hear that the foundation to his memory has decided to gave a prize in Torgnys name to a person that seems to deliberately have caused perhaps history´s biggest and most tragic and cruel copycat epidemic.

A copycat epidemic where thousends of innocent children have been severely traumatized, some abused and starved to death behind closed doors.

The reward winner is a person that has totally dominated Swedish Immigrant Politics for years. He is a trickster and a liar and his name is Gellert Tamas. Tamas has called himself, although he is of Hungarian origin and moved from Hungary to Sweden, the one and only expert on the Swedish soul. And feministic Swedish journalists adore him above everything else in Swedish media.

Gellert Tamas has received almost every reward possible in Sweden and celebrated like an icon. Even though he has no education in medicine he has been regarded as a genius in medicine, the famous Karolinska Institute asked him to lecture for medical students which he did. And Swedish National Board for Health and Welfare quote him as an expert on the mysterious apathetic/resignation syndrome that is unique for Sweden. BBC calls it ”Swedens Mystery Illness”, thousands of refugee children lie mutistic, comatose and lifeless in bed year after year, tube fed and in diapers. Until they get asylum, then some get better but some never recover after being unconsious, doped and starved by traffickers for years.  The greatness of Tamas work is that he prooved that EVERYONE THAT TOLD THAT THE CHILDREN ARE VICTIMS OF MALINGERING BY PROXY are nazis.

And when Tamas told this he was intensively applauded by Swedish Public Service where every director is a female with feministic and marxistic background.

And Tamas assessment, which of course is pure nonsense, was proclaimed year after year in every Swedish newspaper and media as a the most holiest truth.

Some have told that Gellert Tamas will recieve two Nobel Prizes, both in medicine for explaining how medical diagnosis can be influenced by politics, and the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo for helping refugee children away from their suffering in the sad and immensely tragic epidemic in Sweden, that thanks to Tamas does not exist anywhere else in the world.

The fact that Gellert Tamas caused the epidemic to re-start year 2007 no one dares to publically tell. Because then this person is immediately labelled nazi by Swedish feministic media directors.

A State Inquiry told year 2006 the epidemic is probably child abuse.  Then the feminists at Swedish Public Service wanted this questioned.  They asked Tamas to give his opinion. And Tamas told the feminists exactly what they wanted to hear i.e. right wing extremists are behind rumours that the children are seriously abused. Tamas asked his close friend Henry Ascher, a pediatrician and hard core communizt who is labelled anti-semitic by Israeli ambassador to Sweden, to support him, and this duo was week after week on Swedish Television and promoted their hoax – that ”there is no hoax”. And all was set for the tragedy to restart year 2007.

The prize ceremony will take place Tuesday 27th November at 17.30 in Torgny Segerstedt salen (Torgny Seerstedt Lecture Hall), Main Building of Gothenburg University, Vasaparken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

We call all decent men and woman from all over the world to come to Sweden and demonstrate against this cruel prize ceremony that probably will prolong the incredible suffering Swedens Apathetic Refugee Children are victims of. Suffering that the Segerstedt Prize Winner has caused, probably becuase he is too stupid and unskilled to understand what he has done. But if he has consciously seduced all Swedish female journalists, probably 90% of the journalists that write about the apathetic children in Sweden are women, this Prize Winner might end up in Jail. And we all that has been involved from the inside perspective, that Tamas has neglected, believe that putting Tamas behind bars is exactly what Torgny Segerstedt would have wanted. Tamas hoax is probably the biggest in the history of the democratic press in the free world. Impossible to implement in any common sense guided media – but easy to implement on all societal levels in a national media run by devoted feminists.

For more information we recommend this article published last summer in Bioedge:


Stockholm 18th October 2018

Dr. Thomas Jackson

Director for Dr Jackson Child Protection Charity  email: impo@live.se    send sms to phone  0047-98189351