Swedish Jewish owned Media spit victims of Jewish Bolshevizm right in their Face

Let me first state that I thank God for Israel and the decent, hardworking majority of the Jewish people that are just as much, perhaps even more, in the hands or victims of their own elite, which I asses consists of 1-2% of the Jewish people, as we Swedes are victims of our own corrupted and lying elite in the government and financial and cultural institutions. The Jewish ethnicity is the most financially and culturally successful people in this world.  They are more than twice as many, 18 millions, compared to the Swedes that are 8 millions. I know they are able to handle this criticism.

What makes me upset is how Swedish media that is dominated by the 18000 Jews that live in Sweden, by the way also the totally ridiculous communiztic Swedes of germanic origin that run Swedish public service, hide the crimes of the bolsheviks 7th of November 1917 with end result 70 years later 100 million people killed and instead commemorates the Crystal Night, one! night,  in Germany the 9th of November 1938, i.e. not even an even number namely 79th commemoration, where 400 Jews were killed.

So, almost total silence about Jewish Bolsheviks crimes 7th of November 1917 when in fact the worst and most cruel ideology that ever has existed at that day came into power. A regime that tried to make the world forget Jesus Christ. Communizm with its Jewish origin, that ought to be exposed and analyzed on its 100th commemoration day  for murdering over 100 million people all over the world was almost not even mentioned in Sweden. If the Gulag camps that the Jewish Bolsheviks created are the Pacific Ocean the nazi concentration camps are the Atlantic Ocean*. There is one episode of the cruelty of the Jewish Bolsheviks that makes me cry. Namely. I read that one of the victims of the Gulag told when she was interviewed 80 years old after communizm had been defeated that she was taken from her mother when she was ten years old and they were sent to two different Gulag camps. She never saw her mother again. She told that the only comfort she had was that during nights when she looked at a special star – she knew that perhaps her mother was at the same time also looking at that same star.

The 7th of November 2017 is 100 years since the day when Jewish bolsheviks took power in Russia in an extremely bloody revolution. We all know that communizm is from its early beginning a Jewish ideology. Their leading ideologists Marx and Engels were both Jews. Lenin, Trotsky and other leading bolsheviks and anarchists like Rosa Luxemberg etc were Jewish. In fact Jews totally dominated communizm. Twenty of the ministers of the first communiztic Soviet regime were Jewish.

Let me now tell the living majority of the Jewish people this. You are the only one in this world that have the power, intelligence, contacts and wisdom to get rid of your own elite.  A change always starts from below. Let not the circumcision prevent you from this. Israel is today for many a role model country. As long as I as a christian can support you I will.  I believe the Jewish majority are victims of their own blind elite. An elite that today is not doing any evil. I actually have difficulties to see any apparent evil in todays Jewish elite more than this biased information by Jewish dominated media. But I surely fear what this biased information might lead to. It took seventy years for the false information from Marx and Engels year 1848 to reach its full potential year 1918 in a manifest Bolshevik regime in USSR. Leave this elite with their propaganda for multiculturalism and hate against European nation states behind you and let the nation of Israel be your new leading star. And I know the world will be a better place for all of us.

You are today not the only ethnicity that is circumcised. The muslims that consists of hundreds of different ethnicities are with you. You are NOT alone as you were for a thousend years until Islam entered on the world stage. You can relax.

People with wisdom know that humanity today can be divided into two categories i.e. not circumcised and circumcised.  The first group where I belong are 4,5 billions and the last group where my Jewish and muslim friends belong are 1,5 billion. And neither one of us wants a new Gulag or Holocaust. So my dear Jewish friends, let your spririts be led by the nation of Israel, not by your so called global elite in synagouges and Jewish associations around the world.  I often read Israeli newspapers and find them to be more trustworthy than media in Sweden. A good sign. I would actually like to spend 1-2 years of my retirement in Israel. In my youth I spent a summer at a kibbutz, Yagur, outside Haifa and I really appreciated this. Driving around 4.30 am in Haifas suburbs handing out morning milk with ”Der Milchman” Benzion Rosenberg and the kindness he showed me I will never forget. And he was a real Jew, and not part of any elite.

* It´s wrong of me to express myself like this like I first did. It was a dramaturgic effect to provoke awareness about the suffering of the Russian people. Forgive me. If the Gulag was the Pacific Ocean, the nazi concentration camps was the Atlantic Ocean. When the Jewish people distance themselves from communizm like the German people has distanced itself from nazism, an enormous relief will take place.